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LifeForce reNaissance Course - Re-birth

FR-flagFrance.2 days €369.00
Discovery of the 5 pillars. Throughout human history and across all cultures, health and vitality have always been supported by the same 5 pillars of life: LifeForce guides you step by step through the principles that govern these 5 Pillars of Life, so you can take care of them every day. You will be able to manage and discharge your stress naturally and regain health and vitality. To facilitate the appropriation of this method, the integration of life changes and your new virtuous habits, we have combined ancestral knowledge with contemporary techniques, as well as neurosciences and integrative pedagogy. This methodology is based on universal principles and has already helped a large number of people of all ages and from all cultural and social backgrounds. Pillar 1: Pace your life Pillar 2: Nourish your body and mind Pillar 3: Move your body naturally Pillar 4: Really breathe Pillar 5: Live in full presence What does the LifeForce reNaissance course contain? 1. The “nectar” of the 5 pillars The LifeForce approach is transdisciplinary, that is to say, it synthesizes the best of regeneration tools. These are simple but not simplistic, natural and pragmatic tools to help you restore good health and vitality. 2. Personalized coaching It is a real mental and bodily preparation to release what is preventing you from moving forward or achieving happiness and leaving room for a new life. Thanks to a neuroscientific approach and integrative pedagogy, the contribution is theoretical and practical, the results are profound and lasting 3. A rejuvenating natural setting LifeForce (re) Birth courses are always organized in welcoming and relaxing places. In the heart of nature, you will regain awareness of the elements that surround you and you will reconnect with your deep nature. 4. The benevolent support of the group In a benevolent and safe environment, always with magnificent supportive group energy, (we take care of it), you will find with us the solutions adapted to optimize your quality of life. 5. Suitable dishes that will delight your taste buds It is important to feed your cells with a kitchen adapted to the needs of each one. Varied and lively, you will delight your taste buds with fresh, refined and tasty dishes that will respect your physiological needs.
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