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Founded by adventurers, for adventurers.

Outdoor Voyage spawned from the minds behind the award-winning Outdoor Journal, a crew of bootstrapping journalists hellbent on scouring the planet for the wildest, untold tales in outdoor adventure. Now we want to bring that same adventure to you, the people.

Leveraging our Background as Reporters and Journalists

Since 2013, international boutique magazine The Outdoor Journal has served as a wellspring for the outdoor and adventure travel world. We’ve told the diverse, authentic stories of mountaineers, kayakers, sailors, spelunkers, and anyone else pushing the boundaries of the human spirit outside. With the Journal as a launchpad, our founder and CEO—Indian climber Apoorva Prasad—decided to revolutionize the outdoor travel experience with Outdoor Voyage, making customizable, affordable, and cost-effective adventures possible for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

(Adventure) Travel as a Force for Good: Creating More Equitable Outcomes Around the World

While digging up forgotten stories around the globe with The Journal, we uncovered one of the biggest problems in the outdoor industry: the useless middleman. When prominent international operators like The North Face mount expeditions into other countries, particularly developing nations, they aren't doing the on-the-ground work themselves. They're primarily leveraging the vast knowledge and resources of local outfitters, guiding operations with intimate, longstanding experience operating in a specific locale.  These operators do the lion's share of the work, but get little to no benefit or recognition. 

With Outdoor Voyage, we've cut out that useless middleman (those large, generic international travel brands who often just outsource to the same locals, but markup huge profits for themselves). Instead, we're connecting clients directly with vetted, experienced operators working on all seven continents We're giving those operators a platform to share their expertise with adventurers around the world, and we're giving those adventurers a more ethical and cost-effective way to travel: one where you aren't lining the pockets of some third-party company. Your compensation is going straight into the hands of the local guides belaying you up a snow-capped mountain, guiding your raft down a turgid river, or helping you spot camouflaged wildlife in the midst of the jungle.