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When we founded our award-winning publication The Outdoor Journal (TOJ) back in 2013, we hoped to educate and inspire our readers with groundbreaking stories of voyages inot the unknown. With Outdoor Voyage, we're looking to give those same armchair adventurers the resource they need to become true adventure travelers, in whatever realm they're most excited to explore. We're growing a genuine and passionate community of travellers, writers, photographers, explorers, athletes, ambassadors, and brands. We help people book their dream adventure experience anywhere in the world, more simply, easily, safely, and quickly than anyone else has ever done before, with confidence.

The Ultimate Hub for Adventure Travel

Outdoor Voyage directly addresses the industry-wide issue of fragmentation. As an outdoor travel operator, you already understand the problem. There is no single, trusted destination for consumers to go to make an ethical decision about their next travel adventure, and be sure that their money goes to the local environment in which the trip is operated.

There are hundreds of thousands of trips currently available that are not easily bookable as they currently have no online presence. We bring the offline inventory online. We also offer secure online payment, and with it comes peace of mind, both for the customers and the operators.

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