For Investors

We empower our customers to realize their desire for amazing travel experiences by grounding our platform in an accessible, actionable, and informed network of local adventure operators. Vetted by media journalists, our growing community of travelers, and the best standards in the industry to ensure the safest, most sustainable, and most satisfying experiences.

This curated process has led us to only work with the best adventure operators that correspond to strict environmental, sustainability, and safety guidelines. Our partners are chosen for their commitment and adherence to authenticity, quality of experience, safety and environmental sustainability. After making an initial selection via our network of trusted sources such as specialized outdoor and adventure journalists, well-known athletes and other ambassadors; we run a rigorous checklist to verify whether the partners meet our standards or not. This includes checking their international certifications, company records, insurances and so on. We’re also working on using data science to confirm their safety records and history. We prefer working with smaller companies who themselves conduct or run the trips, instead of larger agents or aggregators that outsource on-ground operations.