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LifeForce - David Tan

Take Off your Health and Vitality
LIFE AND HEALTH COACHING Health and Vitality Regeneration Coaching - Mindfulness Coaching - Burn out prevention - Stress Management WHY? - We believe that with today’s world of disconnection with increasing work hours and growing stress levels, constant solicitation, people find it hard to gain perspective and to focus on what really matters in life. They suffer from the consequences of chronic stress, leading sometimes to devastating burnout. WHAT? - Optimal body-mind health and vitality, chronic stress release and burnout prevention. A system and a method to integrate simple (but not simplistic) life-changing tools to regenerate yourself. HOW? By learning how to nurture and juggle the 5 “Life Pillars" (Life rhythm, Nutrition, Movement, Breathing and Mindfulness/Mindset) to self-regulate your stress and to regenerate a strong health and vitality.
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