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LifeForce Ascension Course - 6 DaysPrevious LifeForce Ascension Course - 6 Days

LifeForce Ascension Course - 6 Days

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Register for the LifeForce Ascension course A 6-day course to strengthen your health and boost your energy. Health and vitality are not a goal in themselves, it is a means of being energized to achieve your dreams of life! If you haven't defined the destination of your dreams, there is little chance that you will go on a great trip. Outside of the tides of life, the worries of everyday life, or an illness, when did you take the time to dream your life? Without a goal and without a compass, you survive with the winds and you may feel lost. Having a clear vision will help you get from where you are in life to where you want to be and who you want to be.  What would be your paradise on earth and how are you going to build it? During the internship, you will learn to: determine your values determine your purpose define your life plans set goals and implement concrete actions The LifeForce internship is a break to dream about your life and make sure you climb the right mountain. It is an ascent to experience abundance in all areas of your life. What does the LifeForce Ascension course contain? 1. The essential principles for a healthy and vital life The LifeForce approach is transdisciplinary, that is to say, it synthesizes the best of regeneration tools. These are simple but not simplistic, natural, and pragmatic tools to help you restore good health and vitality. 2. Personalized coaching It is a real mental and bodily preparation to release what is preventing you from moving forward or achieving happiness and leaving room for a new life. Thanks to a neuroscientific approach and integrative pedagogy, the contribution is theoretical and practical, the results are profound and lasting 3. A rejuvenating natural setting LifeForce (re) Birth courses are always organized in welcoming and relaxing places. In the heart of nature, you will regain awareness of the elements that surround you and you will reconnect with your deep nature. 4. The benevolent support of the group In a benevolent and safe environment, always with magnificent supportive group energy, (we take care of it), you will find with us the solutions adapted to optimize your quality of life. 5. Suitable dishes that will delight your taste buds It is important to feed your cells with a kitchen adapted to the needs of each one. Varied and lively, you will delight your taste buds with fresh, refined and tasty dishes that will respect your physiological needs.
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