Our Commissions & Business Model

The Outdoor Voyage is a marketplace platform which works together with and, eventually, commercially supports The Outdoor Journal, an independent journalism media business.


As a booking platform, we take a small commission whenever a traveler books a trip with one of our onboarded partner operators. We do not charge our partners or our customers any other fees, and all operators are treated equally, regardless of their commercial size, social media reach or geographic location.


We are dedicated to developing a sustainable and ethical company that benefits the local communities involved with and impacted by, the activities we feature. Our impact goals include the transference of wealth from travelers’ origin countries, to the actual destination and region where the travel is performed. On average, today, between 40% to 60% is retained by travel agents or large businesses in the travelers’ home markets, rather than actually reaching and benefitting the destination. Our goal is to ensure that most of the trip spend goes directly to the destination, specifically, the local communities that stand to benefit the most from foreign travelers.


Unlike many other platforms, we work hard to cut out the middlemen that so often redirect the flow of financial resources away from benefiting local communities. We work directly with operators on the ground and charge a flat commission that covers our payment processing, inventory management and marketing activities. Operators are able to price accordingly and our customers have the peace of mind knowing that they are helping the local communities manage their environment in a way that allows them to perpetuate their activities over the long term.

The Outdoor Journal, a media business that delivers an annual, high-quality print magazine dedicated to outdoor adventure, adventurers, destinations and industry views, as well as an online version geared more to immediate news issues, both of which derive some revenue from traditional advertising models as well as subscribers. Our goal is to scale operations to a large number of yearly bookings yielding adequate revenue to additionally sustain independent media at The Outdoor Journal, eventually negating any dependence for survival on third-party advertising.