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Valencia Travel Cusco

'Once in a lifetime' Peru adventure specialists
<p>Valencia Travel, a Peruvian tour operator born in 2009 in Cusco, is the fulfillment of a dream shared by the Hurtado Valencia brothers: Rene, a professional guide, and the current manager of the company, and Amilcar, a professor of philosophy and assistant manager of the company. The two brothers had the vision of creating the best tour operator located in the city of Cusco: a company that connects people through travel, to foster a single global community of travelers, free of fear and aware of the sustainable future. The company strives to create innovative travel experiences that motivate guests from around the world to explore the incredible geographic diversity of Peru, and at the same time learn from its historical and cultural legacy, providing a personalized and caring service that contributes to the development of both the community and the travel sector.</p>
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