Snowhotel Kirkenes

When you come - we change you

Snow is a gift from the sky. Cold, still, pure, and beautiful - ​Welcome to the world of Snowhotel Kirkenes. A world where you sleep in the snow, walk on snow and can drive a snowmobile or a dogsled on snow. We even serve snow in our restaurant! Snowhotel Kirkenes is situated 8km outside Kirkenes in the secluded wilds of Northern Norway.​​ Since 2006 we have dedicated our lives to showing our guests the true sense of arctic wilderness.​ Here 180 huskies excitedly await your arrival.​ Reindeer graze behind our unique chalets.​ At the bottom of the fjord, the giant king crabs dwell.​ When the northern lights dance, they illuminate the snowy surroundings with their vibrant green and yellow hues. ​​ However, none of these natural wonders would matter, without our most important asset - our staff. They are ready to give you the best arctic adventure. When you come - we change you.

Norwegian, English


Dog Sledding, Skiing & Snowsports, Fishing, Hiking, Yoga, Camping

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