Enjoy Ethiopian diversity

We're not only operating our tours in an ecologically and socially responsible and sustainable way but we are giving you the unique opportunity to be directly involved in our programs and projects that benefit from the contribution of 5% of our profit. In concrete terms, it means that all our tours are combined to one of our specific projects, and during your stay in Ethiopia, we will make use of a small part of the time to visit the project site together so that you can have an insight into it and experience by yourself its efficacy and benefit. We assure that you will have a deeper understanding and be involved emotionally. Of course, there's no obligation for our guests to visit these projects, but we learned that right this part of the travel is the one that tourists find most impressive and won't forget for a lifetime. We firmly believe that our clients are glad to know - and to see with their own eyes - that part of SimienEcoTours profit (and so part of costumers money) is spent in conservation programs and sustainable development to facilitate the growth of the country and to guarantee that other tourists in future can find the same unique experience to visit Ethiopias wonderful nature, people and hospitality. Each of our destination in Ethiopia consists of a certain idea, a pleasure to explore landscapes, culture and people. For some years now our network is extending in all directions of Ethiopia and beyond. People from various cultures and different social environments are involved, such as cooks, cleaners, porters, cultural guides, muleteers, coordinators, assistants, mountain guides, and each one of you who joins us on a tour. For us, it is an important concern to treat all persons, who are involved in this small network with their hard work, with respect and fair payment, because only then we can be part and not just users of this network. We would be very happy to show you Ethiopia from any perspective.

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