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Havila Voyages

The Best Way to Experience the Best of Norway
130 years ago, a Norwegian captain set out on the first express voyage along the magnificent coastal line of Norway. At the time, he fulfilled a state-imposed mission; to connect the people of Norway with steamship routes for mail and passengers. Little did he know that the very same route, which is now stretching all the way from Bergen in the west to Kirkenes in the North, would become among the most popular tourist attractions in Norwegian history. The reason is obvious; traveling the Norwegian fjords this way reveals the most breathtaking views of the rugged cliffs, sea birds, harbors, and small villages that dot the entire coastline. Now you can experience the traditional coastal route – and the best of Norway – in brand new, and more eco-friendly ships. Feel the power of nature; the majestic mountains, the vivid water, the stunning Northern lights dancing across the night sky, all while enjoying the modern comfort of a Havila Voyages coastal cruise ship.
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