Feeling Patagonia

Bariloche Outdoor Activities - Patagonia - Argentina.

We are Natalia and Andres, both born in different Argentinean provinces. We have worked in prestigious tourism companies abroad and in San Carlos de Bariloche for more than ten years and finally were caught by Patagonia’s immense beauty. That is why we decided to create “FEELING PATAGONIA”, with the idea of ​​enjoying and sharing with all our passengers the wonderful experience of feeling Bariloche, feeling Patagonia. We believe that the best way to know a place is to interact with the environment through our senses and to do so, there is no better choice than safely developed active tourism. Safety is a vital pillar to develop any activity and therefore, as tourism services providers, we have reached for qualification certificates and endorsement of San Carlos de Bariloche Municipality, as well as Rio Negro Province’s, National Parks Administration’s and Argentina’s Naval Prefecture’s. Our guides are also requested to count with associated licenses and certificates for all the activities. On top of these, we provide liability insurance with personal accident coverage.

Spanish, Castilian, English


Kayaking, Biking, Camping, Trekking

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