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Focus on the Voyage, Not the Stress of Making it Happen

So you want to be able to go whale watching in Baja California, surfing in Portugal, hiking in the Himalaya or on a luxury safari in Zambia? You want to do this without paying an unnecessary premium to travel agents? You want to know you’re paying for a safe, authentic, trustworthy experience where your money benefits the local community and supports sustainability, instead of being skimmed off by layers of middlemen?

You want to pay easily with a credit card, instead landing in Cusco with a wad of rolled up the local currency in your “secret wallet?“ You want to pay online, without worrying about losing your private data in Bogota or Ulan Bataar? You want the peace of mind knowing your operator is certified and insured to conduct the activity? You want to have the greatest holiday ever, tell old friends about it, and share memories with new friends you met along the way.

Adventure Travel Done Right

Today, travelers seek authentic adventure travel experiences, across the globe, at the touch of a button. But there’s a problem. The best, safest and certified local operators aren’t necessarily online. Online credit card payment, equipment and guide management, digital marketing, these are small but essential business features that the most authentic local companies often aren’t equipped to handle. They’re equipped to handle your physical, on ground experience, and they often do it exceptionally well.

At The Outdoor Voyage, we find the world’s best local operators, verify them and bring them online for you to book: easily, safely and with the knowledge that your money is going to benefit the actual destination of your travel, not to line the pockets of a third-party outfitter. We also ensure that our operators are environmentally sustainable and ethical, all through deep journalistic vetting, thanks to our background at The Outdoor Journal. Go ahead and book through us, we’re here helping adventurers save the planet through responsible travel!