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Empowering the Adventurer and the Guide

We give our customers the tools to realize their dreams of amazing travel experiences. How? By grounding our platform in an accessible, actionable, and informed network of on-the-ground adventure operators.

These aren't international Western outfitters running trips on four continents. We're giving the little guys a voice. These are small-scale, small-footprint operators who know their land, the flora and fauna, the weather, and the holistic natural and human ecosystem in which they operate.

The point is, not just anyone can host trips through Outdoor Voyage. Using our extensive background in investigative journalism, we've created a system that vets and verifies all operators for safety and quality according to industry-leading standards. This ensures that our customers get the safest, most sustainable, and satisfying experiences, whether they're booking a four-week expedition to climb Everest or a laidback winetasting tour in Tuscany.

We handle the marketing, online payments, equipment and guide management, and other logistical issues, so that our partner guides and operators can focus on what they do best: designing kickass trips and guiding them!

Guided by the Cream of the Crop

This curated process has led us to only work with the best adventure operators, ones complying with strict environmental, sustainability, and safety guidelines. Above all else, our partners are chosen based on their commitment to authenticity, quality of experience, safety, and environmental sustainability

After making an initial selection via our network of trusted sources such as specialized outdoor and adventure journalists, well-known athletes and other ambassadors; we run a rigorous checklist to verify whether the partners meet our standards or not. This includes checking international certifications, company records, insurances and so on. We’re also working on using data science to confirm their safety records and history. We prefer working with smaller companies who themselves conduct or run the trips, instead of larger agents or aggregators that outsource on-ground operations. This ensures clients have the best, most authentic adventure experience when they book through Outdoor Voyage.