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The Ultimate Packing Guide for International Adventure Travel: 2024

How to pack lighter, cheaper, and more efficiently for your next adventure abroad.

Written on 5/2/2024 by
Profile imageOwen Clarke
I have never once in my career regretted packing too little. I have often regretted packing too much.
Sipping Wine in Villa San Sanino, Tuscany

Sipping Wine in Villa San Sanino, Tuscany

I climbed Aconcagua (22,836 ft) in Argentina last year, and even though I already owned all the gear I needed, I ended up renting most of it in Mendoza.
it may not be as comfortable as hopping on the flight in flip-flops and gym shorts, but it will save a LOT of space in your bag
it always pays to have an extra, empty bag in your luggage. I often bring several.
Written on May 2, 2024 by
Profile imageOwen Clarke