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Trek to the Lost City of the Sierra NevadaPrevious Trek to the Lost City of the Sierra Nevada

Trek to the Lost City of the Sierra Nevada

CO-flagColombia.8 days $2,190.00

Soak in the sights and the sounds of the remote jungle as you travel to the far corner of Colombia. It is fitting that a Lost City should exist in the land of magical realism, one that you can only get to by hiking through the dense Colombian jungle. Set out on the northern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains, through Ciudad Perida's terraces and stone paths were built in 800 AD. The city was then abandoned during the Spanish Conquest and was lost to the world until 1970 when a group of local plunderers climbed the 1,200 steps leading into the site.

The hike that will bring you to those steps is one of the most exciting Colombia has to offer, passing through the indigenous town of Mutanshi and crossing the Buritaca river several times. Expert guides will ensure a smooth journey from the moment you land in Bogota, which is Colombia's capital city that is englufed by the energy of the Andes. This 8-day trip has been carefully curated by OneSeed Expeditions company that chooses to invest in people by loaning 10% of their profits to local entrepreneurs in need of capital. Don't just visit local communities, empower them.

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