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Snowhotel Kirkenes: Sami Experience

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Meet the indigenous people of the north! Now you have the chance to get a close encounter with Sami culture, storytelling, and song. The Sami are the indigenous people of arctic Scandinavia, and were the first ones to inhabit the Barents and Kirkenes region thousands of years ago, following herds of reindeer, which was their main sustenance. Many Sami in Norway are still reindeer herders, and in Kirkenes municipality, there are 10 000 reindeer - as many as there are people! Join Sami artist John Henrik Mienna for a 1-hour journey. We will start by meeting our 4 majestic reindeer. You will learn about reindeer and feed them from your hand with their favorite tundra food; lichen. The journey will continue into our reindeer pen, where we will walk up to our Lavvu - Sami tent. Here by the campfire, you will hear stories about the Sami, both from folklore and from John Henrik's own experiences, culminating with a performance of "Joik" - the unique Sami art of singing. What's included?* Feeding and information about reindeer Sami storytelling and song performance (Joik) What do I need to bring? Warm clothing
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