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Simpson Desert Drive & Ride Expedition

AU-flagAustralia.8 days $3,000.00
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Mike Horn Adventures

Crossing the Madigan Line from East to West is one of the most challenging and remote desert crossings in Australia. With good preparation, planning and the right vehicle setups it's also one of the most enjoyable. Traveling with experienced professionals like Mike Horn and being catered with outstanding food and service means you can relax and enjoy the journey. Things really kick off at the famous Big Red Sand dune (named by our friend Denis Bartell in 1980 after one of his many extraordinary desert crossings, check out his book Desert Walker) followed by 750km of vast beauty before you see any kind of civilization at Mt Dare Station. Imagine sitting atop a red sand dune in the middle of the largest sand dune desert in the world inside the traditionally owned land of the East Arrernte people, a long dining table tastefully set in full view of the setting sun as you enjoy a quiet drink and pre-dinner snacks around the fire reflecting on the day as dinner is prepared. Crepes with vanilla bean ice cream, freshly baked bread, ground coffee, cooked breakfast, fresh fruit and pork belly on the menu adds a sense of luxury in the heart of central Australia.

The Madigan Line should not be taken lightly, the track can take its toll with vehicles fully loaded working hard to get over the dunes and suspension being pushed to the limit taking on the mogul sections of the track. It is very remote so breakdowns are not fun, best to deal with these before taking on a crossing like the Madigan Line. Not your average weekend getaway so preparation is the key. From the east, the approach to the dunes is steepest, between the dunes the track crosses an ever-changing land making for great riding and pleasant driving. Bikes eat this track up. There's nothing like riding in the desert unladen, free to enjoy the ride on flowing sand tracks. Great fun but it's not a race. Take it easy. Anyone riding dirt bikes needs to be backed up by their own vehicle. This means a rider has complete freedom without the need to carry excess weight, fuel, spares whilst in the saddle. An unforgettable experience in one of the most remote areas of central Australia.

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