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Sardinia Coast to Coast

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Sardinia is a more relaxed alternative to a holiday in mainland Italy; you still have it all, sand and sea, restaurants and bars, passeggiate in historic towns. On top of it all, however the sand is very white, the sea emerald and the small scale means everything is close at hand and far more calm. Because this is an island smack in the middle of the Mediterranean, its coastline offers plenty of sumptuous beaches, enticing coves and stretches of water where you can swim (or float) to your heart's content.

Sardinia may be calm but it's never boring. The dramatic coastline encloses a trove of natural heritage that will stun you in its variety as you traverse the island. Inland, you will find yourself in the midst of ancient natural phenomena, from leafy woodlands to uncanny granite formations, to deserts and to wetlands. Sardinians continue to use old agrarian methods. You'll notice the land is barely disturbed by modernity. Meet a shepherd who teaches traditional sheep-milking and cheese-making; visit ponds where grey mullet is reared and sample the smoked end product. Unsurprisingly for a Mediterranean island, the seafood is fabulous.

You will be blown away by the quality of the wine cultivated and aged in Oristano. Sardinia will also nourish your mind and feed your curiosity. The island was home to the ancient Nuragic culture and went on to host the Carthaginians, Romans, Pisans and Spanish. All of these civilizations made their mark, as you will see first-hand!

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