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Sardine Run Diving Expedition in South AfricaPrevious Sardine Run Diving Expedition in South Africa

Sardine Run Diving Expedition in South Africa

ZA-flagSouth Africa.9 days $3,753.00
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Shark Explorers

The greatest shoal on earth! I can only describe it as the best natural event I have ever witnessed, and I have witnessed some pretty amazing things underwater. It happens when a band of cold water gets pushed up the coast by changing weather patterns. This band funnels massive shoals of sardines up the East coast of South Africa towards hungry predators waiting. The action normally starts around Port Elizabeth and East London before reaching the Wild Coast and then onto the east coast.

The area between East London and Port St Johns is located on the hot spot of this migration route and this area has brought the best action over past years. Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Cape Gannets, Brides whales, Humpback whales, Dusky sharks, Copper sharks, Bull sharks, Black tip sharks, Ragged tooth sharks, Cape fur seals, even Sailfish can be seen in this area at this time. Our main goal is to find bait balls, but it does not go off every day. On slow bait ball days, we will dive with dolphins, Humpback whales, and sharks. This makes it the ultimate Ocean Safari. The run is unpredictable, the weather is unpredictable but the payoff is very rewarding!

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Shark Explorers
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Price$3,753.00 per person
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