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Rafting the Great Brahmaputra

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    An exciting journey down one of the world's greatest rivers is a trip only for the true adventurer. The river, after flowing gently eastwards through Tibet, cuts through the Greater Himalayas and the highest unclimbed mountain in the world, Namche Barwa before it enters Arunachal Pradesh, where the expedition begins.

    We will take you through remote hillsides dotted with tribal settlements, through clearings surrounded by stunning rainforest and through huge, difficult to reach whitewater areas. A 7-day self-contained run from Tuting to Pasighat (180 km / 112 mi approx.) through one of the most inaccessible regions in the world.


    Arrive in Delhi and we'll transfer to the domestic airport. We'll arrive in Dibrugarh in the late afternoon by air and transfer to our hotel. Over tea time, we'll check-in and do an expedition briefing.

    Early morning drive through tea gardens to Boghiwheel Ghat (45 mins) and a ferry across the massive Brahmaputra river to cross onto the northern bank. At this point, the river is about 7-11 km wide and Asia's longest railway bridge is being built here. We'll meet our vehicles on the Arunachal side of the river and then drive 3 hrs to Pasighat. There we'll visit the local market and view the local specialties, vegetables etc. on sale. We'll stay overnight in Pasighat.

    Drive along the Siang river, through Adi villages, settlements and lush tropical rainforest. An 8 hour drive takes us through cloud forest and along the Siang river to the Ditte Dime bridge where we stop for lunch.

    Today we'll move to an even more remote area up the valley. We'll pass the village of Ramsing try and see "Moing Madness" and "Hairy Hari" on the drive. We cross a small pass and descend to Pango, then through Palsi to take in "Pulsating Palsi". Our drive will climb up to Ningguing village and descend to our camp at Purung that's next to the Ningguing rapid.

    Relaxed day to sort out gear, walk around and spend some time with local tribes at the nearby village. Tuting is the place where Tibetan Buddhism mixed with animistic tribal beliefs. We'll ready rafts in the afternoon with a comprehensive safety briefing followed by instruction on paddling commands and rescue procedures. Spend the night at camp.

    Raft to Pango (5 hrs) and then set up camp. This morning, we'll set off on our journey down the river and will encounter the big monster Class V Ningguing rapid and another Class 4+ rapid, Pulsating Palsi, to reach Pango, where we set up Camp for the night. Lovely float sections as one takes in the wonders of the Ningguing gorge. We reach the beautiful Pango beach camp for tea. Campfire dinner and overnight at camp.

    Raft Pango through Cherring to camp. On the way, we enter the Marmong gorge, and there is no way to visit it other than by raft! We'll scout and raft down the Pango rapid and run three big rapids in the gorge. Our paddling skills will be well utilized today, but will be well worth it as you'll witness one of the most beautiful and remote jungle gorges in the world with its steep, impenetrable forests. We'll go past the big rapid at Rikor and Zebra Rock rapid to set up camp above a Class 6 rapid called Tooth Fairy at Cherring. Camp overnight.

    Raft Cherring along Paradise beach to camp. After a portage around the Class 6 rapid, Toothfairy, we'll raft out of the Marmong gorge, negotiating several Class 3+ rapids including the Class 4 Hairy Hari, followed by a float until we reach Ramsing where we'll set up camp for the night. These are classic Siang days!

    Rest day at camp and Paradise beach with beach Olympics, hot lunch and a possible hike.

    Raft to Geku Twins Camp. We'll begin with a big rapid below Paradise beach, called Moing Madness followed by milder ones all the way to the suspension bridge at Nubo. We'll raft down Karko and float to a beautiful site near Geku. Camp for the night.

    Raft Geku Twins until just below Sangam. After Geku, we begin a long float to the 65 Bridge at Ditte Dime. An easy day with long float sections. We'll pass several Adi tribal settlements on the way as well as the confluence of the Siang river with the Siyom river after the suspension bridge at Boling. We'll pass the flood-rutted guesthouse of Yembung and float onto camp near Rotung village just in time for a hot lunch. We'll then transfer all the gear from the dry bags into our travel bags and have a chance to wash up near a freshwater spring.

    Raft Rotung- Pasighat. We'll begin the final run to the plains at Pasighat by negotiating the last 'biggie' on the trip. The Siang tends to gather a lot more volume as we float into Pasighat, where we'll beach our rafts for the last time on the trip. We'll then head to our rest house at Pasighat.

    Drive to Boghiwheel Ghat and take a ferry boat across to Dibrugarh. Transfer to airport for the flight back to New Delhi.

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