Join our raft/kayak expedition as we paddle through the scenic and arid main Grand Canyon section, with fun class III-IV rapids, amazing side hikes, beautiful beach camps, friendly residents, and Inca ruins. Rio Maranon is the parent stream or "mainstem" source of the Amazon, meeting no stronger rival at any junction on its route to the Atlantic. It therefore is the Upper Amazon and the only stream meriting this title.

From its birthplaces at glaciers on the highest tropical mountains in the world [Yerupaja and Huascaran; 6600-6800 m (21000-22000 ft)], the Maranon courses north over about 1/3 of the length of the country of Peru in the central Andes. As it does so, it is squeezed into the bottom of an arid canyon up to 3000 m (10000 ft) deep on both sides - more than double the depth of Arizona's Grand Canyon.

A SierraRios expedition in 2012 explored what the Maranon was like, and learned of plans for over a dozen hydroelectric dams. The subsequent expeditions are intended to increase appreciation of the river by individuals so more authoritative opinions can be formed against the dams.,The trips are open to everyone: rafters, kayakers, IKers, and passengers. No prior whitewater experience is necessary on a raft.

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Rigging, safety and camp talk, possible Pumurgo (III-IV) run, camp
We pass Vijus, Hualango (III), Gansul (III), Llaupuy side hike ~30 km
Possible hike, lunch at Calemar, Rio Choclo clear stream, class II ~20 km
Today we have an easy river day with beautiful scenery, camp near giant wall and falls of Muro Poso, class II ~20 km
Muro Poso, hike Cangrejo and/or Sute ruins, Montevideo tombs, camp by Llanten ~28 km
Layover, hike to Llanten Narrows/Falls, Jecumbuy, possible Pachamanca traditional meal.
Big rapids day: Llanten (III-IV) and Samosierra (IV), camp near Trapiche or Chacanto, class IV~30 km
We have lunch at Balsas/Chacanto, possible cooler exchange/food resupply, visit Odebrecht office, class III~30 km
Lower Gran Canyon
We paddle to Mendan or Tupen Grande were we meet villagers, visit chacras, possible Pachamanca traditional meal class III ~30 km
San Lucas, Chadin II dam site, Playa El Inca, camp at/near Magdalena, class III-IV ~30 km
Layover and hike to Magdalena (layover is also possible Day 11 or Day 13)
Magdalena, Linlin, Totora, Sauce, pools at Q.Agua Blanca class III-IV ~30 km
Palaguas, Amazon Cavern, arrive Puerto Malleta by 1 pm to derig, ride to Bagua hotel class III 20 km

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