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Huck Finn Dubrovnik
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A surprisingly diverse journey for fans of the deep blue sea and hidden coves who prefer authentic and rarely seen nature and the absolute silence that only far away lighthouses of the open sea can offer.

On this journey, we sail around big and small islands, we enter their interior, explore famous and less- known sea caves, and swim in their turquoise blue sea. Our final destination is in the open sea: the island of Lastovo, the most distant inhabited island in the Adriatic Sea, which together with 44 islets in a protected archipelago forms a surreal oasis of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and peace.

The main highlight of the tour is Lastovo Island, immersed in the sea, far from the mainland, all crowds, and even light pollution. It offers a view of the crystal clear night sky scattered with stars like almost nowhere else in Europe. Millions of stars leave observers breathless. Stars are not our only guiding light on our journey. As we sail, we will also explore and get to know more about the lighthouse phenomenon on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea.

All the monumental lighthouses built in inaccessible areas bear witness to the construction feats achieved in the 19th century. The lighthouses built by the Austro-Hungarian Empire still show the way to sailors today. We will tour four lighthouses, each of which offers a unique view of its position and architecture.


Over the course of this program, we will travel and stay on the sleek and elegant OLIVIA ADRIATICA Sun Odyssey 54DS (16.75 m) sailboat, which offers an impressive sailing experience with a great dose of comfort. The OLIVIA ADRIATICA is a boat that offers safety and a comfortable stay at sea with great design, solid performance, high quality of construction, and superior equipment. The boat has 3 double cabins, each with its own toilet and shower, along with a separate cabin for the crew.

There are two standard double, and one master double cabin with even more space and comfort. The central salon is large and offers a comfortable space for shared living. The boat is equipped with air conditioning and heating, a TV, WIFI, an electrical generator, and everything you might need while resting and relaxing. The small onboard library offers books to suit everyone’s interests.


The Blue Bag is an initiative with the aim of giving the sea what it gives us; purity, beauty, love… If each sailor were to fill just one bag of drifting refuse per year, the sea would say: ‘THANK YOU’. The Blue Bag isn’t an obligation, instead, it is a challenge. As part of the Mediterranean, the Adriatic Sea is considered to be one of the cleanest seas in Europe. Croatia is amongst the top three countries, along with Cyprus and Malta, in the cleanliness of the sea.

Still, our sea has been affected with the appearance of refuse that is the result of irresponsible behavior by sailors, but also by the significant effects of sea currents that travel from the southeast to the northwest, bringing in garbage from the middle of the Mediterranean. That is why we have launched the Blue Bag environmental initiative. When our crews spot PVC garbage on some inaccessible shores, they hop in a kayak or on a SUP board and collect it in characteristic blue bags. Guests on our boats have more than gladly accepted this initiative as part of the adventure and the high degree of environmental culture we promote.



Day 1: Sailing Dubrovnik to Šipan Island

We head out from Dubrovnik and head towards Elaphiti archipelago to visit islands and the lighthouse of St. Andrew before reaching Šipan island. The island, which is only 16 square kilometers in size, is home to old summer estates and 34 churches that bear witness to a rich history that peaked during the era of the Dubrovnik Republic. Interestingly, Šipan was inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the island with the greatest number of olive trees in comparison to its size. The olive tree is a symbol of the Mediterranean. It has left its mark on civilization and has been respected since ancient and biblical times. Here we spend the night and prepare for longer sailing tomorrow. At Šipan island you can choose between bicycles and sea kayaks for our guided tour.


Day 2: Mljet National park

The next day we head to Mljet Island and its national park. Mljet is the most forested island in the Adriatic, and the National Park contains two salt lakes, with a Benedictine monastery on the Isle of St. Mary. We will go to the national park, hike, walk, cycle or canoe, take a boat tour or visit the monastery of St. Mary and swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters of the lakes before returning to the village for dinner.


Day 3: Sailing to Lastovo and Lighthouse Mysteries

After departing from Mljet we head towards Lastovo, an offshore island with a long history and clear sky. On the way, we will visit one of the monumental south Adriatic lighthouses (Glavat). You’ll have a chance to swim or SUP in hidden and unspoiled places. Towards the end of the day, we’re sailing on to Lastovo where we are spending the night in one of many coves of the southern Lastovo coast. The Lastovo tour also includes climbing to Struga. We guarantee that this lighthouse from the 19th-century with its architecture and the view it provides is something you won’t be forgetting soon.


Day 4: Nature Park Lastovo

For kayakers and divers, Lastovo is a hidden gem of the Adriatic. Discover its blue caves, impressive cliffs and reefs and secluded islands or the archipelago which is also a protected natural park. You will discover the inner parts of the island and cycle through many cultural and historical landmarks Lastovo has to offer. We will reach the town of Lastovo on the other side of the island and enjoy the calm atmosphere there. The city was built inland thus protecting the residents from pirates and conquerors. Military history buffs will find many remains of old and new fortifications. We end our day with dinner in a calm seaside restaurant for some local cuisine and wine. At night, well after the sunset, for your enjoyment, we will visit one of Lastovo’s peaks where lies one of the best European stargazing locations.


Day 5: Lastovo - Korčula Sailing

After 2 days on Lastovo, we turn back to sailing as we cross the wide channel to Korčula island and enjoy some casual paddleboarding along the way. The island Korčula, with a rich culture and past where every stone has history imprinted on it, has been famous since the 6th century B.C. when it was known as an ancient Greek colony under the name of Korkyra Melaina (in translation ‘Black Korčula’, for its dark green pine forests). Korčula is also known as the hometown of the Polo-Depolo family, including the 13th-century explorer and traveler Marco Polo, author of the book ‘Il milione’ with which he was the first European to present facts about China and other Asian countries. Discover the town and Marco Polo museum, ancient walls and architecture and enjoy a coffee in a classic destination of nautic visitors from all over the world.


Day 6: Korčula - Pelješac Peninsula

We’re starting the day with sailing to Pelješac peninsula, a place where untouched nature coincides with cultivated slopes covered with vineyards resulting in one of the best wine regions in the world. This is where your sailing ends and you will continue the tour with our comfortable and air-conditioned shuttle. This way we can guide you through several wineries for wine tasting. After the wine tasting, we will be visiting Ston, a medieval little town whose history reaches back as far as the 14th century. It is a small town with the longest stone wall in Europe (5,5km), with narrow quiet streets, noble ancient houses and with traces of ancient cultures. Its former value as a “salt city“ gets confirmed even today in the plants of the oldest active salt-works in the world. These saltworks have remained faithful to the tradition and to the natural way of salt production which has not changed since remote ages. The gourmets among you will find out why the Pelješac is paradise for wine and clam enthusiasts. Late afternoon you will be traveling back to Dubrovnik with our shuttle.  



This itinerary and the duration of the activities are subject to change due to group abilities and preferences, weather conditions and forecasts, water levels, special events of interest, etc. Huck Finn guides and trip leaders will do their utmost to ensure the best possible experience for their clients without compromising safety at any time. This may mean changing the original itinerary to avoid discomfort or risk which could be caused by exceptional situations. Huck Finn reserves the right to alter the itinerary without prior notice.

Trip Dates This trip is available all Saturdays from May 5th to October 19th, 2019 except:
June 8th
June 29th and
August 25th, 2019
Arrival/Departure Location Dubrovnik, Croatia
Included 5 nights accommodation on a yacht (en-suite bathroom)
6 breakfasts
Fuel, water, cooking stove gas
Activities and use of equipment (kayaks, bikes, canoes, paddleboards, snorkeling gear)
Local taxes, permits and marina fees/lighthouse docking fees
Byboat & outboard engine
2 crew members: yacht skipper & guide
Not Included Optional trip
Meals and beverages not stated in the itinerary
International airfare to/from Croatia
Mljet National Park entrance fee

Price Table

Spring Preseason Season Postseason Autumn
Starts April 13 May 25 June 15 September 7 September 28
Ends May 24 June 14 September 6 September 27 October 25
Standard Cabin $1462 $1624 $1804 $1624 $1462
Standard Cabin Single use $1828 $2030 $2256 $2030 $1828
Master Cabin $1634 $1796 $1977 $1796 $1634
Master Cabin Single use $1999 $2202 $2429 $2202 $1999

All prices are per person

 Max number of participants: 6 guests per group.

Minimum age: 8 years if accompanied by parent(s).

Accommodation: Single use rooms are available upon request with a 25% surcharge.


Breakfast will be served with a plentiful buffet consisting of several types of cereal, butter, honey, jam, prosciutto, cheese, eggs, yogurt, fruit, juices, coffee, tea, and milk. Some of the lunches will be picnics, which enables us to be flexible with our route. You will be able to buy lunch packs or groceries from local stores, and the boat kitchen is there for you to use. If you are booking the entire boat for your group, we can organize a boat chef to cook for you during the trip with a surcharge.

Gourmet Experience:

Along with our adventurous activities, the sun and the sea awaken the most primeval feelings that are hard to resist, so we invite you to let go and enjoy dinner in a hedonistic way with an abundance of traditional regional offers of food in island restaurants. Meals are organized as a combination of onboard meals and selected restaurants for dinner. In the evening, after we have anchored the night, there are fantastic local restaurants and taverns. They have received excellent feedback from guests in the past for their value for money, and we recommend you try specialties with authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

About Huck Finn Dubrovnik

Huck Finn Dubrovnik is part of Huck Finn Group – the leading adventure travel organization and outfitter in Croatia. With over 25 years experience, they know a thing or two about putting on a good show and today they are strong leaders in small group trips across the region. By following and adapting global and local trends, Huck Finn founded Dubrovnik branch to be even more thriving at the southernmost city in Croatia.

Dubrovnik and Elaphiti islands region is a pearl of Croatian tourism and Huck Finn Dubrovnik can focus on giving new perspectives and adventures to travelers. They believe in doing more than just visiting. They believe in really getting in the destination and having an adventure. It is not just about where you go, it is how you experience it. Their trips encircle the most exciting sights and highlights, visits to locations which you would not find traveling alone or in tourist guidebooks and a whole range of exciting activities. With itineraries designed to make the most of your time, all you have to do is to go on an adventure and enjoy Dubrovnik for what it really is: thrilling, fulfilling and simply stunning.

Why TOV loves Huck Finn Dubrovnik

With more than 20 exciting itineraries, a wide range of one-day adventures or multi-day trips that are a well-balanced mixture of nature, activity and culture you can experience memorable sailing, kayaking or biking around the Elafiti islands, walk around the magical Dubrovnik or kayak down the Trebizat River.

With a maximum group size of just 12 on most trips, it feels more like traveling with friends than being on an organized trip. You will meet like-minded people where everyone is guaranteed to share a passion for travel and discovery, and a small group will allow you to get further off the tourist trails for a more intimate experience.

Their staff and trip leaders are chosen for their professionalism and unbridled enthusiasm for having a great time. They have sailed, hiked, biked and swum hundreds of kilometers and are perfectly suited to lead adventure holidays. They’re keen to introduce you to the places that they call home.

Environment & Sustainability

They are fully committed to protecting natural values and developing ecological culture. Their guests are engaged in adventure activities by walking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing and cycling. By Sailing, they cross the sea with their catamarans and sailboats engaging their guests with the project “BlueBag” (www.bluebag.eco/en/) – removing plastic waste from the sea.


By inventive approach, they design and carry out journeys that are a balanced blend of nature, activity and culture in preserved areas that provide a quality experience for their guests with high ecological principles. Recognizing the authenticity of the local population, they add tourism value to less developed destinations and educate them by supporting their business independence, which increases the quality of life in these areas.

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Price starts at $1462 per person in Spring season for a standard cabin. Check out the details tab for available rates and dates and send us an email to help you make the booking! Please note: This product is on request. We will confirm availability within the shortest possible time after we receive your order.

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