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Mt Ararat Expedition: A Journey to The Top of Anatolia’s Sacred MountainPrevious Mt Ararat Expedition: A Journey to The Top of Anatolia’s Sacred Mountain

Mt Ararat Expedition: A Journey to The Top of Anatolia’s Sacred Mountain

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Mt Ararat, the highest summit in Anatolia, is an extinct volcano with an elevation of 5165 m, though some sources give it as 5137 m. Located in Eastern Anatolia, 25 km inland from the borders of Armenia and Iran, this immense, cone-shaped mountain has a diameter of 40 km at its base. So this gigantic volcano massive is not something that you can easily miss and not stay captivated. In history, Marco Polo was also impressed and said about Mt. Ararat ‘’ ...there is a very high mountain upon which Noah’s Ark is said to rest. It is so wide and long, that it takes over 2 days to travel around it. The deep snow on the summit stays year-round and none can climb to the summit’’ ( around 1295 AD ). The belief, that Marco Polo expressed had been perpetuated until 1829 when Parrot did the first ascent. This expedition is a wonderful choice as a week's trip to the highest peak of Turkey. Besides the focused target to the top, the itinerary also consists of side trips to the spots that are marvels to hold. The mountain has a biblical attribution as the final resting of Noah’s Ark. Mt Ararat attracts the attention and interest of adventure seekers beyond the sportive purposes. The local life and authentic atmosphere allow participants to discover Eastern Anatolia’s character. The 7 days program suits best for acclimatization for all types of participants. It is recommended to have longer programs outside of the best season periods mentioned above to minimize the risk due to climate facts. This 7-day program has a relatively easy ascent of the summit for all who are in good physical condition and are accustomed to hiking in higher elevations. It is also suitable for those who have never been to elevations above 5,000 meters. While designing, we have allowed for one day to acclimatize by ascending to 4,200 meters, then returning to base camp. Both camps will include quite luxurious kitchen and dining facilities. Participants will be accommodated in high-altitude tents for two. Instructions will be given by your guides including how to use technical equipment. It is possible to combine your trip with other tours and extend your vacation in East Anatolia or Turkey. If you'd like a longer trip in Eastern Anatolia and climb Mt Ararat, or visit some of the ‘musts’ in Turkey, please contact us. For sure that fabled Mt. Ararat will leave you in its spell – definitely an adventure worth the pursuit. Price includes: Montis Trips & Expedition Mountain Leaders All Kitchen Services All Meals During The Treks All Ground Transfers In The Program Transfer of the Equipments 3* Hotel Accommodation (HB) Personal Safety Equipment(Helmet, İce-axe, Crampon, Safety harness) General Safety Equipment( Ropes, Karabinas, etc.) First Aid Kit Porters Entrance Fees for Historical Sights and Parks Mt. Ararat Permits( 50 USD, subject to change ) Tent & Mattress Sleeping Bag Not included: International Transfers, Domestic Air Fares Out Of Program Demands Lunches During The Car Trips Beverages in the hotels and restaurants Backpack, Walking Sticks, etc. Personal Gear Insurance
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Price€790.00 per person
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