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Mountain Biking Sham and Markha Valley in LadakhPrevious Mountain Biking Sham and Markha Valley in Ladakh

Mountain Biking Sham and Markha Valley in Ladakh

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Unexplored Ladakh

The Sham valley is also fondly known as the apricot valley of Ladakh as the majority of them grow in this part of the region and also houses one of the easier trails in the form of Sham trials that is primarily used for trekking. It is also perfect to experience mountain biking as they are spread on a much easier line. It is a beginners trail with it being graded on as a blue line. While Markha valley is one of the most alluring places in the region it is also one the largest valleys in Ladakh. The valley is accessible only by trails that remain shut from the rest of the world during the winters and is also home to the most popular trekking routes around.

The trail runs through numerous tiny hamlet villages that are mostly spread on a lush setting with streams flowing at every turn. The trails are ideally placed to enjoy mountain biking graded with a red line, as there are a few technical sections that one will have to endure. This is purely a singletrack experience with more than 30 km of sheer downhill to ride on especially in the initial part of this trip. Keep in mind that there is a huge mountain pass that you will have to conquer, this part of the trip could prove as one of the most challenging section that you will have to endure. But, remember you have to go up if you are looking to enjoy the downhill part of it as well.

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Unexplored Ladakh
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