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5 Days Magical Trek, Shamanic Ceremony, Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Choquequirao, Peru!

Known as the other Machu Picchu, Choquequirao is preferred by serious hikers who enjoy the untamed nature of the trails. Remoteness and inaccessibility have kept most potential tourists away from this ruined Inca city in southern Peru, leaving a pristine landscape to be enjoyed by those who dare to enter.

This trip offers you a fantastic yoga retreat in the ancient City of Choquequirao in Peru. Choquequirao or else “Cradle of Gold” was built by the Incas in an impossible mountaintop, overlooking the beautiful landscapes of the Peruvian Andes.

The trek navigates you through the region’s lush cloud forests and snow-capped mountains. During the 5-day trek, you may not see more than a dozen trekkers every day so the remoteness is what makes this place a unique, quiet retreat that will very soon become Peru’s hottest destination.

Trip Highlights

  • Free airport Pick up and drop off
  • Travel Assistance 24/7 for any questions or recommendations
  • Yoga & meditation sessions once a day with the most amazing views
  • Live history shows: our new way to teach you Inca history full of Fun Spiritual ceremonies performed by our Andean healers
  • Cooking lessons and PACHAMANCA demonstration
  • Enjoy our hot showers after a long day of hike
  • Learn and interact with our native Tour Guides and Yoga Instructors
  • Meet our multicultural team including women Porters and Chefs
  • We promote gender equality and Women´s empowerment
  • 2% of  the price you pay goes to support our Social Projects



Day 1: Cusco – Cachora – Capuliyoc – La Playa

The Trexperience team will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco between 4:30am-5: 00 am and drive you across the Andes towards Capuliyoc, arriving at approximately 8:30 am. We will enjoy a delicious breakfast together and have our first Yoga session in a beautiful place overlooking the Mountain, later we will start our TreXperience towards Choquequirao, one of the legendary lost cities of the Incas.  It’s a 4-hour trek downhill from Capuliyoc (2911 m/9550 ft) to our lunch spot at Chiquiska (1893m/6210 ft.). Along the way, you can enjoy some absolutely stunning views of the Apurimac canyon – one of the deepest in Peru, and spectacular panoramas of the different landscapes: from the highlands of Peru to the dense vegetation of the cloud forest. After lunch we continue our journey for another 2 hours down to Playa Rosalina (1478m/4849ft), your tents and a hot drink will be waiting for you. Here we will have dinner and camp for the night.
Distance: 10.8 km / 6.7 miles
Approximate Hiking Time: 6 hours
Highest Elevation Crossed: 2,911 m/9,550 ft.
Camp Elevation: 1,478m/4,849 ft.
Meals: Breakfast, snack, lunch & dinner
Accommodation: Camping
Difficulty: Moderate


Day 2: La Playa – Marampata – Choquequirao

After breakfast, we will get ready for one of the most challenging yet rewarding days of your Trexperience! We start by crossing a suspension bridge over the canyon before trekking uphill for approximately 4 hours until we reach Marampata (2911 m/9550 ft). The route takes us through beautiful sugar cane farms, where the locals produce “Cañazo”, a traditional alcoholic drink that has been produced for centuries in the Peruvian Andes. We will stop for lunch at a picturesque spot with breathtaking views of the mountains and the river. After lunch, it’s another 2-hour ascent to Choquequirao (3030 m/9940 ft.). The lost city of Choquequirao is located in a spectacular place: perched in the Peruvian Andes overlooking the deep canyon. This is a very important city from the Inca Empire, built towards the end of their rule. Choquequirao was probably one of the entrance checkpoints to Vilcabamba – “the last capital of the Incas” – and was only recently re-discovered in the early 19th century. Our campsite is located right next to the archaeological site and so you have the freedom to visit this mysterious place at any time you like and as many times as you like, whether it’s to enjoy the sunset, sunrise or just for some  ‘me-time’ and enjoy the most amazing sunset Yoga session.
Distance: 10.6 km / 6.5 miles
Approximate Hiking Time: 8 hours
Highest Elevation Crossed: 2,911 m/9550 ft.
Camp Elevation: 2,866 m / 9401 ft.
Meals: Breakfast, snack, lunch & dinner
Accommodation: Camping
Difficulty: Moderate


Day 3: Explore Choquequirao Ruins

We will wake you up early in the morning with a nice cup of hot coca tea or coffee to witness the amazing sunrise over the mountains, here your Yoga trainer will gather you to experience a magic moment. After breakfast, we have the entire day to explore this magnificent Inca city. Your guide will take you on a comprehensive tour – taking you to the most beautiful spots and teaching you about the history of Choquequirao and of the Incas. Choquequirao (cradle of gold) is nicknamed the twin sister of Machu Picchu, but is almost twice the size. For this reason, it is expected that this largely unknown location will very soon become one of the most popular tourist destinations in South America. After you have taken all the time you need to discover Choquequirao, we will return to the same campsite for dinner and spend the night.
Distance: 8 km/ 4.9 miles
Approximate Hiking Time: 4 hours
Highest Elevation Crossed: 3,066 m/10,059 ft.
Camp elevation: 2,073 m/6801 ft.
Meals: Breakfast, snack, lunch & dinner
Accommodation: Camping
Difficulty: Easy


Day 4: Choquequirao – Marampata – La Playa – Chikiska

We will wake up again in this magical place and have our Yoga Time with the stunning views of the Mountains. After breakfast, we begin our 3 hours downhill trek to our lunch spot at Santa Rosa (2230 m/7300 ft). We will then continue downhill for a further 2 hours, before trekking uphill for another 2 hours, until we arrive at our campsite at Chiquiska (1800 m/5905 ft). This a perfect day to enjoy the surrounding landscape and nature. We will pass a wide range of different flowers and birds along the way and the sound of waterfalls can be heard in the distance.
Distance: 8 km /11.32 miles
Approximate Hiking Time: 8 hours
Highest Elevation Crossed: 3,100m/9,300 ft
Camp Elevation: 1,450m/4,350 ft
Meals: Breakfast, snack, lunch & dinner
Accommodation: Camping
Difficulty: Moderate


Day 5: Chikiska – Capuliyok – Cusco

On our final day, we will get up early in the morning, have breakfast and prepare for our last 4-hour trek uphill to Capuliyoc. Here we will have lunch and say good bye to our team of chefs and porters that have accompanied us on this expeditions.  We will then take our private transportation to the archeological site of Saywite; a beautifully carved rock that remains a mystery to archaeologists. You will have plenty of time to explore before we return to Cusco and drop you off at your hotel around 5 pm.
Distance: 8 km / 11.32 miles
Approximate Hiking Time: 8 hours
Highest Elevation Crossed: 2,850 m/9,407 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Meals: Breakfast, snack, lunch & dinner
Difficulty: Moderate


Trip Dates This trip is available all year round
Arrival/Departure Location Cusco, Peru
Included Transfer in and out from the airport – hotel.
Pre-departure briefing the night before at 6.30pm
Pick up and drop off from your hotel
All transportation from the beginning to the end
Personal porter for your personal staff up to 7kgs
Porters to carry food and equipment
Horse, horsemen and a emergency horse
Chef to prepare all meals
Professional English speaking tour guides
Second guide for groups of 8+
Andean Yoga instructor
All meals included in our tours
4 man tents for every 2 people
Sleeping pad
Yoga mat
Entrance ticket to all places we visit
Medical kit in all our tours
Drinkable water
Hot water for showering and washing
Hand towels
Rain ponchos
All Taxes included
Not Included Sleeping bag: $20 to rent
Inflatable air mattress: $15 to rent
Trekking poles (pair): $15 to rent
Tips for our staff: Trexperience ensures all staff are fairly paid and therefore tipping is optional and at your own discretion
Travel Insurance: Highly recommended for all hikers

All hikers need a warm sleeping bag for camping during the trek. We recommend a sleeping bag that keeps you warm during temperatures as low as -10C. Air mattresses and trekking poles are optional, but recommended. If you don’t want to bring all these bulky items from home, you can rent them from us.

Packing List

Absolute Essentials:

  • Valid, original Passport (a copy will not be accepted)
  • Valid, Student Card (if you booked as a student)
  • Immigration Card (given to you on the plane as you enter Peru)
  • Hiking boots (light, comfortable and broken in)
  • A good quality daypack (light, small and comfortable)
  • Water storage for at least 2 liters; either a camel bag or water bottle(s)

For your backpacks:

Below is a list of items that we highly recommend you keep with you at all times in your personal backpack. Remember you will be carrying this with you every day of the trek so we recommend you bring a good quality daypack which is both light and comfortable.

  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Rain gear
  • Warm layers (fleece / long sleeved tops)
  • Sunscreen, bug spray
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Toilet paper
  • Personal medication
  • Band-aids, moleskin
  • Camera, extra batteries
  • Head Torch
  • Extra snacks, power bars, chocolate
  • Extra money for souvenirs, drinks & tips (small change is useful for paying to use the villagers’ toilets on the first day)

Additional items for your duffel bags:

Trexperience will provide you with a duffel bag in which you can pack any item that you won’t need to keep with you during the day. Our porters will carry this bag for you throughout the trek. Please note this bag should weigh a maximum of 7 kg including the weight of your sleeping bag and air mattress (if you bring/rent one). When rented from us these two items weigh approximately 3 kg.

During the Inca Trek you will travel through different temperatures as you climb/descend, it can also be cold at night when at the campsite. Therefore layers work best!

  • Sleeping bag (can be rented from us)
  • Air mattress (can be rented from us)
  • Some light, comfortable shoes for the camp
  • Warm jacket, hat and gloves
  • 4-5 t-shirts (wicking t-shirts are best)
  • 3-4 hiking pants/trousers
  • 5 sets of undergarments
  • 5 sets of hiking socks
  • 1 Fleece
  • 1 Warm, down jacket for the coldest nights
  • Quick-dry towel
  • Soap
  • Wet wipes
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Face moisturizer
  • Power pack/battery charger
  • Plastic bags to keep wet or muddy clothes separate

About TreXperience Peru

TreXperience Peru is a 100% local tour operator that aims to maximize the positive effects of tourism on local communities and the environment. They do this by hiring local staff (including porters, chefs, guides, suppliers) and involving them in a sustainable business model that benefits everyone. Additionally, they organize activities that support the development of local communities and promote environmental conservation. These include cultural exchanges, volunteering, direct donations, and clean-up campaigns. Their go by the “leave no trace” philosophy in every single place that they visit and encourage each and every one of their staff, guides, and guests to follow these principles in order to preserve all those magical places in Peru.

Why TOV loves TreXperience Peru

Better Treatment to their Porters: TreXperience Peru understands that in order to ensure 100% guest satisfaction, it is essential for them to take a good care of their workers, who will, in turn, take good care of the customers. During your hike, they will provide you with the best tour guides and chefs, but it is the porters who are more often forgotten. Porters are the backbone of their business and for so many years they have been fighting for better treatment and working conditions.

”This is a personal battle says the founder of Trexperience Peru –  I started out as a porter and my father was a porter before me. Working as a porter on the Inca Trail helped me to study, travel around the world, and start my own company. Therefore, Trexperience Peru pledges a number of commitments to our porters:

  • To provide a homestay in Cusco for those porters that travel from far away, leaving their families behind, to earn some extra income.
  • To provide all meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is the least we can do given their tireless work and contribution to our company.
  • To provide all porters with proper, high-quality equipment including warm jackets, t-shirts, hiking boots, pants, back support, comfortable backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and this year we started to provide a basic insurance to cover against accidents.
  • We always make an effort to work with the poorest communities in which individuals have the greatest need for a job or extra income. These include Lares, Ocongate, and Paucartambo. These are farming communities and the opportunity to work as a porter allows families to offer a better future for their children by putting them through education.”

Environmental Commitment and Projects: They are extremely proud to work with local communities and to help protect the environment; they love the places they visit and are dedicated to preserving them.

To ensure this, Trexperience has partnered with other companies to build a greenhouse in the community of Parompampa; located 2 hours from Cusco. They are growing vegetables and native trees and they encourage you to come and visit us!

Some of the vegetables they grow in their greenhouse are: spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, beets , carrots, chives, and mint They then invite members from local villages to take one of each and plant them back in their communities. They also provide them with some basic farming training to ensure it is a successful and sustainable program.

Native trees such as Tara, Queuña, Molle, Chachacoma, Aguaymanto, and Retama: When you plant a new tree, you create new life. Trees help to remove carbon dioxide from the environment, attract native birds and help to maintain a clean water supply. They are working extremely hard to grow new trees that will later be donated to local communities. They also organize a group of volunteers to go and plant them.

Safety and Security: Safety and security is their absolute top priority. They have an excellent record in terms of safety throughout the operation of all their treks. Their team of professional guides has undertaken training with the AHA (American Heart Association) as well as NOLS Wilderness medicine.

Guides carry a first aid kit for basic medical problems and oxygen with them at all times. They are very experienced in dealing with common issues associated with the altitude or the environment and know how to make you feel better. In the extremely rare case that something unexpected happens and you no longer feel you can complete the trek, your guide will figure out the safest and quickest way to get you to the nearest clinic.

You will never be left alone and you will have a member of the team to escort you every step of the way until you are safe with a doctor. When you are feeling up to it, they will make sure that you still have the chance to visit Machu Picchu and re-connect with your group, traveling comfortably by train.

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Price starts at $870 per person for min 2 participants. Check the details tab, choose your desired dates use the form below to send us an email to help you make the booking!