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Mardi Himal Trek And Yoga Retreat in the HimalayasPrevious Mardi Himal Trek And Yoga Retreat in the Himalayas

Mardi Himal Trek And Yoga Retreat in the Himalayas

NP-flagNepal.13 days £1,199.00
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Bella's Magic Mountains

A peaceful and clear mind equals happiness! Time in a beautiful, calming environment allows space for you to gain perspective on your priorities in life, develop insight into what might be going wrong, and strategize how to manifest the life of your satisfied with and excited by. Trek the majestic Himalayan Mountains to jump-start your health and calm your mind. Re-set and re-align your mental and physical health. Trekking boosts physical and mental wellbeing, connects one with nature, and manifests a calm mind as one leaves stressors behind. Bella's role as a Mountain Leader and Yoga Instructor is to facilitate safety, support, and management throughout the experience.


Guesthouses are comfortable - a bed, pillow, duvet, and sheets are provided (sleeping bag needed) and heated dining rooms, home-cooked meals, sometimes you will even find a western toilet otherwise squatting ones. Nepalese people are legendary for their smiles and friendly spirit.


The food along the trail is delicious, nutritious, and mostly locally grown. There is traditional food on the menu of Dhal Bhat (rice, lentils and curry) or western style foods have crept in – pasta, pizzas, rice dishes, potato dishes, eggs, muesli, porridge, pancakes (I can help guide you on choosing nourishing nutritious choices while also allowing you to choose whatever you want to refuel your body after a hard days trekking). Meat is something to avoid in the mountain as it can often make you sick, not ideal.

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Bella's Magic Mountains
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Price£1,199.00 per person
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