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Women Only Mountain Bike Vacations! We guarantee you 7 days of pure MTB fun on our Ladies riding at the Heart of the Alps adventure! This trip is tailored for those looking for a bit of excitement and adrenaline! At the same time, we improve your riding skills so you can become a better mountain biker! By the end of the tour, you will have accomplished more than you ever thought is possible while exploring the amazing landscape of Julian Alps.

Location and week plan

Escape into the mountains and experience beautiful nature! This week is designed for you to ride some of the most beautiful trails in the country! Meanwhile, you will experience some historical background and culinary art.

Trail riding in Kranjska Gora and its surroundings offers one of the best trails in this part of Slovenia and Europe. We will also visit nearby Italy, specifically Tarvisio, and discover some famous historical places. During our trip, we will relax next to the numerous mountain lakes and taste some typically Slovenian and Italian food at the end of the day!

The goal of the Ladies riding MTB tour: enjoy and strive to get better!:)

At the beginning of our tour, we will have three full days of riding. All days will be split into half periods of MTB and the other half will be reserved for other sports activities. There will be obligatory stops for proper Italian coffee and Slovenian lunch as well.

What's the weather like?

The weather in Kranjska Gora is typically Alpine. During that time of the year, it can be surprisingly hot with daytime highs over 26°C/80°F. At the same time, the temperature can suddenly drop by half if there is a summer storm coming in. We warmly recommend you plan for both and bring an extra raincoat with you.

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We meet and we get to know each other and explain the plan for the week. We discuss and answer any questions that might have been unanswered and we have an equipment walkthrough. Dinner and an early bedtime to be fresh for the next day’s early start.

  • Breakfast from 7 am till 10 am
  • 10 am start from the hotel with initial 2,5 hours of MTB climb
  • We stop at the top of the mountain for lunch and photos of the amazing scenery at the border of three nations.
  • Descent and return to the hotel
  • Relaxing on the terrace and prior to 7 pm dinner.
  • After dinner, a short talk of how to perform easier fixes and maintenance on your bike.

Vertical gain: 2788 ft / 850 m
Length: 14.5 mi / 23 kn
Tour type: AM (all -mountain-enduro)

  • Breakfast and start our trip from the hotel
  • Easier climb on a bike trail to a famous WW2 thematic park in Val Saisera
  • Return to the hotel with a quick stop in an idyllic local pastry shop for the best homemade pastries and tasty coffee.
  • Relaxing afternoon with a mini-seminar of the best training for a mountain biker
  • Dinner and early sleep, prior to another fun day

Vertical gain: 2.600 ft / 792 m
Length: 17.5 mi / 28 km
Tour type: AM (all -mountain-enduro)

  • Breakfast and start our trip from the hotel – Today, our professional photographer will join us to take some photos.
  • 4 – 5 hrs climb on a panoramic road, which will lead us to the top of the amazing mountain Acomizza
  • Longer rest with a small lunch on the top before a descent that will take us around 3 hrs
  • Return to the hotel, relax, have dinner and review the photos

Vertical gain: 3200 ft / 975 m
Length: 21.5 mi / 34.6 km
Tour type: AM (all -mountain-enduro)

This day will be a little more relaxed after tough riding from the day before. We will head up the bike trail from the hotel to the nearby Fusine lakes. There, we will have an easy day relaxing by the lake or going for a hike up the nearby mountains. Picnic in the idyllic cottage by the lake. Return to the hotel and afternoon ride with bikes to the village of Kranjska Gora, 3km away from our hotel.

Vertical gain: 2.300 ft / 701 m
Length: 16 mi / 25.7 km
Tour type: AM (all -mountain-enduro)


  • Breakfast and start our trip from the hotel.
  • First stop of the day will be in the village of Malborghetto to see a trail that was made by a local artist
  • Our climb will continue on an old road that was built during the WW2
  • A stop on the top of the hill with some time to prepare for the descent.
  • Return to the village, with a coffee stop at the old train station with a glorious view of the mountains
  • Return to the hotel, relax and have dinner
  • After our breakfast, we will head up from the hotel to the famous ski jumping center Planica to visit a museum and enjoy the views.
  • Climb on the valley of Tamar, where we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Julian Alps
  • Easy descent and return back to the hotel. Time for relaxing before dinner
  • After dinner, the projection of the most famous biking movies will follow or, you can choose to spend the evening in Kranjska Gora

Vertical gain: 1400 ft / 426 m
Length: 14 mi / 22.5 km
Tour type: AM (all -mountain-enduro)

After breakfast, we will head back to the airport.


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