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Jeep and Hike - Summit Mount Olympus in One Day

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Jeep and hike - Summit Olympus in a day, is a lesser-known but very beautiful route to the summit of legendary Mt. Olympus in just one day! Mt.Olympus, the mythical home of the ancient Greek Gods! Rising almost straight from the Aegean Sea to a height of 2.917 meters, it is the tallest mountain in Greece and the second tallest mountain in the Balkans. Its slopes are broken by steep, densely forested gorges with stunning waterfalls and impressive caves. Home to the lesser gods and other spirits according to mythology. Its 52 peaks in total are snow-capped for almost 8 months of the year and often remain hidden in the clouds the rest of the time. Its highest peak and the one we are summiting on our 1 Day Summit Olympus, is Mytikas at an elevation of 2.918 m! We will meet in the center of the small city Elassona. With a 4×4 vehicle, we will then drive off towards the mountain hut Christakis. The first 20 km's up to the location Kalivia Elassonas is a tarmac road. Then it becomes a dirt road for another 22 km's (about 1-hour drive) until we reach the mountain hut at 2,430 meters altitude. Leaving our vehicles there, we set off on foot for the rest of the way. We will follow the E4 European Trail for approximately 60 to 70 minutes! We traverse the peak of Skolio at an altitude of 2.912 m until we reach Skala. The most difficult part of our hike starts here. We continue our hike up to the location of Kakoskala and scramble our way up to the top! Mytikas at an elevation of 2.918 meters has been reached! The total duration for this part of the hike depends on the size of our group, their previous experience and fitness level. It may last between 2-4 hours. This day trip is ideal for those who don’t want to hike all the way up to the mountain top yet don’t want to miss out on the beauty of this legendary mountain! Join us on this alternative route up to the summit of Mt. Olympus and enjoy the majestic hiking experience it offers!
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