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Hike the Hephaestus Trail

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Seich Sou is a hilltop forest just to the north and northeast of the city of Thessaloniki that rises to the west of Mount Chortiatis. The forest covers 2,979 hectares (7,361 acres) and reaches an elevation of 563 meters (1,847 feet). The forest hosts 277 plant species, among which pine trees are dominant. Seich Sou is also home to a rich variety of fauna including hares, foxes, martens, squirrels, weasels and hedgehogs as well as around 80 types of birds. Hephaestus trail starts from Pylea and is the longest trail of the Seich Sou Pass, spanning at a distance of 8km/5mi: The total ascent of this route is 385m/1263ft, which makes it quite demanding. Of course, the beautiful nature and the city panoramic views will compensate for any physical fatigue. Running or hiking duration of the trail is 1:10:00/3:00:00.

Recommended equipment:

  • Comfortable hiking shoes
  • Spare dry clothes
  • 500ml of water
  • Sunglasses/sunscreen/hat
  • A waterproof/windproof light jacket
  • Your best mood
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