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Hike Enipeas Gorge in Mt. OlympusPrevious Hike Enipeas Gorge in Mt. Olympus

Hike Enipeas Gorge in Mt. Olympus

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We head towards Litochoro and our first stop is the National Park museum, a brilliant museum where we will virtually experience this wonderful mountain. In the museum, we will have a complete picture of the flora and the fauna of Olympus through a nice walk that takes you from 0 meters to 2917 meters as if you were going to the summit of Mount Olympus. After an hour and a half, we are ready to start our hike into Enipeas gorge. Our starting point will be Prionia (1100m) and we will hike down along Enipeas river to the Holy cave and Old Monastery of Saint Dionysios (780m). During our hike, you will have the chance to see some of the common and rare plantations of the National Park. A variety of geological configurations created small ponds and many beautiful waterfalls! With our local guide, you will visit the place where Leto become pregnant by Zeus and gave birth to the goddess Artemis and god Apollo.

Meeting Point: Thessaloniki, Katerini, Neoi Poroi, Leptokarya, Litochoro, Platamon (specific point determined upon request)

Highlights: Mount Olympus, Enipeas gorge, old Monastery and Holy cave of Saint Dionysos

Route length: 5,6km/34.7mi

Starting point: 1065m/3494ft

Ending point: 780m/2559ft

Lower point: 650m/2132ft

Elevation loss: 550m/1804ft

Elevation gain: 100m/328ft

The excursion includes walking through a forest, if you have an allergy, we suggest carrying with you the medicines are needed. If you come with sports shoes, you need to be careful when you are on the move, so you do not slip. Remember that we are visitors in nature and we must respect the area, do not leave garbage, do not tease animals and nests. The trip is available for kids over 10 years old.

What to bring:

  • River trekking shoes (optional)
  • Swimsuit, towel slippers
  • Comfortable hiking clothes
  • Hiking shoes
  • Bag for wet clothes
  • Extra dry clothes (pants, underwear, sweatshirt, jacket depending on weather)
  • Cap (even in the summer sometimes needed)
  • Your mobile phone should be safe in an airtight bag


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Price€75.00 per person
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