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Guided Kingdom of Kerry Walk

IE-flagIreland.8 days €1,495.00
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This holiday combines the best of the Ring of Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula – the two most popular regions we offer are now available in one amazing holiday. Many of you know or have probably heard of ''Kerry Gold,'' and this holiday will introduce you to that land, which is truly golden. Spreading out in front of you in all directions Kerry offers it's exceptional beauty, panorama's, culture and friendly people, proving that it is truly a place apart from the rest of the world. County Kerry consists of a series of mountainous peninsula's which are divided by deep-sea inlets. Weaving around the coast of these peninsulas are a network of ancient trading routes that are nearly as old as the land itself, many of which form part of the walks that you will be exploring during your holiday.

The name 'Kerry' comes from the Old Irish word Ciarraige meaning the people of Ciar, an early Celtic tribe that settled in the area around 300 BC. In fact, Kerry has an outstanding collection of historical and archaeological sites that date back over 7,000 years, with several ancient forts and numerous early Christian churches. Impossibly green pastures stretch as far as the eye can see, utterly uninhabited except for small herds of sheep or goats. At almost every turn there are spectacular views of mist-covered mountains and wild stretches of desolate coastline where deep fissures have been carved, over the eons, by the pounding waves of the Atlantic Ocean.


  • Walk along the Skellig Coast
  • Derrynane Bay
  • Slea Head
  • Ancient Monastic Sites
  • Breath-taking coastal scenery
  • Iron-age Forts
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Price€1,495.00 per person
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