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Futaleufu Exclusive Multisport Adventure

CL-flagChile.9 days $4,500.00
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Path Patagonia

The Futaleufu River valley in Chile is one of the world's gems. The valley, which is approximately 1,500 kilometers south of Santiago in northern Patagonia, is famous for the rafting and kayaking community for its world-class whitewater. Between lush valleys and towering peaks appears Futaleufu's main character: the river. This spectacular teal road will take us through different private camps where we will have the chance to experience a journey full of meaning. We have designed a unique experience in the area. Our private camps in privileged locations of the valley will give you the opportunity to experience the valley greatness. Designed to be in tune with the environment, these camps will surprise you with unique features and amazing views. Multisport activities will enrich the trip, each one as a part of a masterful composition, full of emotion, beauty and adventure. Each night we will enjoy a delicious meal and relax at the camp's hot tubs while sharing anecdotes of this unique part of Patagonia.

*All our activities are optional and suitable for all ages. They also have different levels of difficulty you can choose from.

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Path Patagonia
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Price$4,500.00 per person
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