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Full day Lapland Adventure with Lunch and Dinner

FI-flagFinland.1 day €249.00
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Nordic Adventures
The reason we love full-day advnetures is that we get a chance to show you the best of the best in just one day! We won't overburden your schedule, we will just make sure that you see the best Rovaniemi has to offer. See the rare arctic animals in the wonderful Ranua Zoo, spend some time shopping, and finish the evening in a relaxing Finnish sauna followed by an open fire dinner. If you're looking for a traditional Lappish day trip, this tour is a perfect fit for you. We will pick you up at your hotel or apartment and head out to Ranua Zoo, the northernmost zoo in the world! Entrance fees are included in the price, so all you have to do is sit back and relax for one hour until it's time to meet the animals. The zoo is located in the Ranua Wildlife Park, where animals feel at home. Here you can see arctic foxes, polar bears (the only ones in Finland), minks, otters, geese, and 50 other northern animal species. We will take time to meet the animals and walk approximately 2.5km through the magical Lappish forest. Just as we start to get chilly, we will head to the cozy restaurant to enjoy delicious lunch. After lunch, our professional local guide will help you get around and show you the best souvenir shops and places where you can buy authentic Lapland products. We continue our Lappish wilderness experience by taking you to the traditional wood-burning sauna. The trip to our private forest Sauna will take no more than 45 minutes. Once we get there we will teach you how to fire up a Finnish sauna and how to make the most of your magical time in the North. Part of the joy of the sauna is the cutting of wood for the kiuas (heater). The healthful exercise in addition to sauna gives a more desirable löyly (steam) as well as muscular stimulation. Building the fire increases the pleasure of the sauna. Kiuas, or heater, is the heart of Finnish sauna, and that it characteristically gives each sauna its own personality. Once the sauna is ready it's your time to relax. After a few minutes in the sauna, it's time to jump in the private Arctic lake to cool down. Then, you repeat the whole process again. Interchanging warm and cold intervals has many health benefits. Whether it's your first time in the sauna, or you're used to blowing off some steam, what we have here is once in a lifetime experience. Lakes in Finland are frozen quite a long time in a year: in Lapland usually seven, in Central Finland five and in the Southern part of the country at least four months. But this is not a barrier to winter swimming - we have an ice hole ready for you! Our guides will tell you how to do this procedure in the safest way! Health is a most important gift. It is becoming more and more evident that sauna bathing is a necessity rather than a luxury or status symbol. The Finnish sauna stimulates the flow of blood through every vessel in the body and accelerates the excretion of poisonous wasters from the body in the form of sweat. Heat and cooling, washing and relaxation, health and safety, moderation, and personal convenience – all these are important considerations when choosing this trip! Traditional Finnish firewood Sauna has an invigorating, rejuvenating, and tempering effect while cleansing the body, refreshing the spirit, and giving the feeling of complete well-being which is always the result of a good sauna session. Once the hot and cold sauna experience is done it's time to cuddle up in the cottage and help yourself to some tasty Blazed salmon cooked over an open fire. Highlights include: Arctic Animals Meals are included Full-day adventure Finnish sauna Enjoy the beauty of Lappish nature No special skills required Small group experience The tour is family-friendly
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Nordic Adventures
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Price€249.00 per person
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