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A Week Exploring the Wonders of Alaska

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    Gondwana Ecotours

    Join Gondwana Ectours for a chance to spend an exceptional week near the Alaskan wilderness, while housed in the comfort a luxury lodge. You can spend your mornings with a cup of coffee followed by a tranquil sled-ride powered by husky dogs, and then spend your nights chasing for a view of the Northern Lights. Even if you happen to be asleep when the natural phenomena appear in the sky, we can ensure a guide can wake you so you do not miss your peak at the aurora. All of this on top of views of reindeer pleasently wandering about, meals with locals, hikes to relaxing hot springs, and more!



    A taxi will pick you up at Fairbanks airport and take you to Sophie Station Suites, five minutes away. The hotel has spacious rooms and within a few minutes walking distance, you will find grocery and department stores. In the evening you'll meet your guides in the lobby at 8 pm and get photography tips.

    In the morning we explore Fairbanks's city. After lunch, we head to A Taste of Alaska Lodge with amazing views of mountains and snow-covered spruce forests. The lodge is situated on 280 acres of woodland in central Alaska and has comfortable rooms and plenty of local food and drink. There is also a large heated tent (a yurt) outside the lodge where you can witness Northern Lights. On a clear day, you can also see the Alaska Mountain Range and all the way to Denali. After we settle in, you can explore the hiking trails that surround the lodge or grab a hot cocoa and relax in your new home base. Following dinner, you can come 'hunting' for the Northern Lights with us or stay in the warmth of the lodge. Your guide will alert you if the Aurora appears.

    In the morning, you can explore the landscape on a hike around the area and snowshoe. After lunch, we visit a family with a reindeer ranch, walk through a beautiful birch forest and eat homemade cookies with tea. After dinner, we go for another Aurora hunt.

    Today, we explore the Morris Thompson Cultural Center with world-class exhibits of Alaska's seasons and traditional native art, music and dance. In the afternoon, we go to the remote and beautiful Chena Hot Springs. You can soak in the steaming waters surrounded by snow, visit an ice sculpture museum and sip an apple martini in a carved glass from the Ice Bar. The drive home from the Hot Springs also provides a wonderful opportunity to search for the Northern Lights and spot moose.

    Today, you'll hop on a dog sled for a ride through the forest in the morning breeze and learn about the Trans-Alaska Pipeline's history and functions. Back at the lodge, we curl with local players before dining at one of their favorite eateries. Later, we hunt for the Northern Lights.

    After breakfast, we visit rescued sled-dogs and farm animals at a local homestead. You can learn about Walsh's off-the-grid lifestyle as you explore their property and enjoy homemade bread, jams, and cheeses from the farm. After lunch, we visit the Museum of the North before hunting for the beautiful lights in the sky again.

    After a final Alaskan-sized breakfast, a shuttle will take you back to the airport.

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