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Expedition Planning - for Professional Athletes & ExplorersPrevious Expedition Planning - for Professional Athletes & Explorers

Expedition Planning - for Professional Athletes & Explorers

US-flagUnited States.14 days $5,000.00
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Working on a top-secret international project? Need trip planning, flights, local support, X-visas and mountaineering logistics support until Base Camp? Doing a first ascent of a remote peak in the Himalayas, or a first descent of an unknown mountain in Antarctica? Connect with The Outdoor Journal staff & journalists to build out the details of your project, and find the best local operator - from The North Face's contractual logistics partner in the Indian Himalayas, to your favorite athlete's recommended local partners, anywhere in the world. Once you're logged in, you'll be able to work with a teammate to build out your entire itinerary and you'll watch it unfold live on-site, with mapping built-in, while remaining confidential to you. After collating and passing on the full details of your expedition, you'll get a quote from the operator as well as for any additional flights, layovers and hotels, and any other requests. Once you're satisfied, you or your sponsors can directly pay for it via credit card (or wire transfer) to our US-based accounts - we'll take care of all the rest for you, from international payments processing, to any additional details. (No more worrying about carrying cash in your pockets to pay porters). What's best is that we're not taking anything additional from this entire process, apart from a small, pre-agreed commission - The Outdoor Journal's mission is to ensure that international expeditions go direct to the best, certified, sustainable and insured local operators, who give back to local communities and actively work on sustainability. Our magazine has worked with professional explorers for over 10 years, getting the lowdown and inside knowledge of each of their expeditions. Now we're bringing it to you.
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This trip is completely customizable. Use it as your starting point to craft your perfect voyage before you book it.

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