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Climb Mount Taygetos in One Day

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Taygetos is the highest mountain range in the Peloponnese peninsula in Southern Greece. Standing at 2.407m/7.896ft above sea level,  this mountain with rich flora and fauna is included in the Natura 2000 network of natural habitats. For centuries Taygetos was the ultimate training field for the Legendary Spartan warriors. Before the ascent it is required to visit the imposing statue of King Leonidas in Sparta, so we can have his wishes. According to Greek mythology, Taygetos took its name from the nymph Taygeti, one of the Atlantians and the daughter of Atlas. However, according to ancient Greek history, there was a temple of Apollo, the God of the Sun and music standing at the top of the mountain. The Spartans threw criminals, traitors and captives, into a chasm of Taygetos known as Ceadas. From the Spartan shelter, at the Varvara spot at 1,550 meters, we leave the Spartan side of Taygetos behind us and four hours later, climbing the last few meters of the mysterious pyramid summit we will meet the roofless chapel of the Prophet Elija. The view of the entire Messinian bay will lie before us. The return is almost through the same places with a different view. Grab the opportunity and meet god's Apollo Mountain accompanied by one of the Spartan mountain guides and head of Climb Up Outdoor Activities!


Season - All year round

Altitude - 1550m/5085ft - 2407m/7896ft

Hiking time - 6 to 7 hours in total

Kids friendly - 9+

Ratio guide to guest - 1:7

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Price€120.00 per person
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