Day Trip: 3 hours
South Africa
Shark Explorers
base price per person

The Fur Seals are masters of the underwater world and will amaze you with their acrobatics!

Join Shark Explorers on a fun adventure to view the Cape Fur Seals in their natural habitat. These clowns of the sea will leave a smile imprinted on your face. The 10-minute boat ride will take you along the scenic and rugged coastline of the Cape to a local seal colony nestled on a small island. Once at the island you will be struck by the sheer number of seals that inhabit this hustling and bustling little rock.

The Shark Explorer’s team will introduce you to your surroundings and get you ready to witness the inquisitive seals dance and dash around you in a display of stamina and agility. Once you dip your mask below the surface, the world above will be forgotten as you interact with your new ocean-dwelling friends.

Our experienced dive masters and skippers will provide you with all the support you need to have a wonderful outing and a memorable experience. No prior experience is required, and all equipment will be provided. This trip is fun for the whole family and is a must when visiting Cape Town!

  • No sharks
  • No experience needed(swimming ability essential)
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Equipment included
  • Seal sightings guaranteed
  • Scuba diving available(qualified divers only)
  • Daily trips during summer months(weather dependent)

Day Itinerary

  • Two meeting times depending on conditions and other programs. Either 9 am (or 1 pm)
  • Board boat and check gear
  • Receive safety briefing and information.
  • Leave pier at 9h15 (or 13h15) (depending on meet time)
  • Arrive at snorkel site at 9h45 (or 13h45).
  • Receive snorkel briefing.
  • In water Snorkel time maximum of 1 hour 30 min.
  • Receive complimentary hot drink and snack
  • Return to pier

*Please note that the above information is a guideline and can vary depending on shark behavior or environmental conditions.

Trip Dates Available all year round Monday to Sunday
Departure Time Two meeting times depending on conditions and other programs. Either 9:00 am or 1:00 pm
What to bring Warm jacket
Sun block
Dive ticket
Included All equipment
Snacks & warm drinks on boat
Two experienced dive masters
Location Simonstown or Hout Bay, Cape Town. South Africa
The Dive Scuba advised, but snorkel possible
Dive depth 5 m
Water temperature 9 – 16 º C
 Water visibility 3 – 8 meters
Trip duration Max 3 hours

About Shark Explorers

Shark Explorers offers uniquely customized shark diving, viewing and filming expeditions. They will help you plan and execute your ultimate shark diving experience or shoot, by making sure you are in the right place at the right time with the best chance of successfully encountering your shark of choice.

Mission Statement

We at Shark Explorers believe that we can make a difference by showing people a positive experience with sharks. We don’t believe in misrepresenting them as potential killers for an adrenaline experience to sell tours. We do believe that sharks should be respected as the critically important predators they are.

Why TOV loves Shark Explorers

They are specialized in the following:

  • Great White Sharks
  • Blue & Mako Sharks
  • Sevengill Sharks and Seals
  • Seal Snorkeling
  • The Sardine Run
  • Sharkaholics
  • Global Expeditions

In collaboration with their friends and partners, they also offer you Tiger Sharks, Whale Sharks, Ragged Tooth Sharks, Bull Sharks, Blacktip Sharks, Bronze Whaler Sharks, and Dusky Sharks. They will show you these misunderstood creatures like you have never experienced before.

Shark Explorers sets the standards and guidelines for responsible shark diving and interactions high. They provide a holistic experience which includes breaking down sensationalist, adrenaline-hyped advertising, treating sharks with respect, reducing the impact we have on them and their environment, educating divers about their behavior and the threats they face.

Most importantly they want to show you the sheer beauty of these fascinating sharks and give you an experience you won’t forget.

Shark Explorers is active in several research, awareness and conservation projects involving sharks and rays around the world. Whether it’s sponsoring boats and equipment, assisting with fieldwork, or donating images and video, we’re passionate about contributing towards the conservation of sharks and the oceans.

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This is a multi-day trip with fixed departure dates. Some trips have different itineraries or lengths, so please check that you've chosen exactly what you want, and the correct trip start date. If you have any questions at all, please use the chat feature and we'll answer as quickly as possible.

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