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Cabo Hiking Adventure in Fox Canyon

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Come with High Tide Los Cabos on the Cabo hiking tour of a lifetime. This stunning landscape is perhaps the best-kept secret in Cabo. Just an hour from the coast, there is a true oasis in the middle of the desert, full of fascinating plants and wildlife — with views, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Let us take you to Fox Canyon, on a scenic and informative walk, teaching you the names of the plants and insects living in this rare climate. Admire the diverse landscape, with a range of rocks and terrains to explore. This is the quintessential Cabo hiking trip, and we can’t wait to show you everything this vibrant ecosystem has hidden away from the rest of the world! You will be rewarded for your efforts on this uphill Cabo hike as there is a beautiful river along the way and fresh-water pools, natural water slides, and a larger pool nestled at the base of a waterfall. You really can’t get any more picturesque than this! Make sure to wear your bathing suit so that you can jump in for a swim. And, don’t worry, you will quickly dry off on the walk back to the van.
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