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Best of Lapland: Sauna, Ice Swimming, Dinner & Northern Lights*Previous Best of Lapland: Sauna, Ice Swimming, Dinner & Northern Lights*

Best of Lapland: Sauna, Ice Swimming, Dinner & Northern Lights*

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Winter, summer, midnight, or evening, the joy of sauna bathing is a totally delightful event. Sauna bathing has become such a deeply ingrained Finnish tradition that not even the difficult circumstances have been able to interrupt or alter it. It is a part of Finnish culture, customs, and social pattern, passed inevitably from one generation to the next. The sauna effect is created by making the body hot throughout, almost like a simulation of a fever. This high temperature, coupled with the tranquil view and the later breathing of the stimulation lake air creates the benevolent effect always associated with the sauna. The greatest time to see the Northern Lights is between October and April. You need fair skies, pitch-black nights, and some luck to see the dancing lights in the sky. To make the entire experience extraordinary we will take you to a traditional Finnish sauna on a private Arctic lake. Let's make this an adventure of a lifetime! All you need is luck, a dark and clear night. While we wait for the lights we will prepare the sauna. Once the sauna is all set up it's your time to relax. Let the heat purify your body as the mellow wintery magic of Lapland purifies your soul. Let go of the stress and enjoy the presence of your loved ones. While we do our best to prepare you for an evening in the wilderness, it's up to you to decide how you want to spend your time. The classic Nordic way is to spend 10-15 minutes in the sauna and then jump into ice-cold water, or even a big pile of crystal white snow! A cold plunge after a steamy session increases your blood flow, relieves pressure and boosts up your endorphin levels! After this unique Finnish spa experience, it's time to get back to our little cozy wooden cottage to enjoy a Blazed salmon dinner by a fireplace. The Northern Lights hunting is one of the most popular things to do in Finland. Seeing flickering shades of blue, green, violet and sometimes even crimson red is one of the most epic adventures you can have. Aurora sights are never guaranteed, as nature is unpredictable. So, that makes this experience even more special. The thrill of the chase, an amazing sauna experience and a traditional dinner in a wooden cottage by the private arctic lake is what we call The best of Lapland. Highlights include: Finnish sauna Arctic lake Enjoy the beauty of Lappish nature Year around guaranteed daily departures No special skills required Small group experience The tour is family-friendly *Please note: ⚠️ Northern Lights are a natural occurrence and we are unable to guarantee activity, vibrancy, or color on the evening of the safari. All you need is luck, a dark and clear night. That is impossible to see the northern lights on a day's departure (13:00). But you will have a great opportunity to take daytime photos and enjoy our place in the daylight. Northern Lights season September - April
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