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Atlantis Azores Liveaboard - Apo Reef & Wrecks of Coron

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    Atlantis Azores is delighted to announce a new and exciting itinerary. Our guests will embark on a dive trip of a lifetime exploring sunken World War 2 wrecks in Coron Bay and diving on the 34 mile long "Mini Tubbataha"€™ Apo Reef system.

    The charter will start with the UNESCO World Heritage site of Apo Reef. A full day's diving will take place here exploring some of the finest coral reefs in Asia. Expect to see white tip sharks, spotted eagle rays, hawksbill turtles, bump head parrot fish and sea snakes.

    The Azores will steam down to Coron Bay and the next 3 days will be spent diving on the historical Japanese fleet which was sunk by the American Navy during the Second World War. Task Force 38 lead by Admiral William F. Halsey destroyed 24 ships which were anchored in Coron Bay on the 24th September 1944. During our time in Coron we will explore world famous wrecks like the seaplane tender, Akitsushima, and the Irako. After being down on the bottom for over 70 years, the coral growth and marine life on the wrecks are truly outstanding. Once our wreck adventure is complete the boat will travel back to Apo Reef for some more breathtaking dives.

    We will be on the lookout for many pelagic species such as grey reef sharks, manta rays and huge schools of barracuda. With over 500 species of coral and 300 species of fish, Apo Reef will make your wildest diving dreams come true.

    Seven-night charters run between January - March
    Sea temperature 22°C - 27C / 71F - 80F 
    Air temperature 25°C - 29C / 77F - 84F 
    Average visibility 15m/50ft to 25m/80ft+


    The UNESCO heritage site of Apo Reef will be our destination for the first day. Shark Ridge is a great place to see the white tip and black tip reef sharks. Manta rays are sometimes spotted here as well as hawksbill turtles and bumphead parrot fish.

    Binangaan Drop Off is another fantastic location with huge schools of snappers and tuna. Keep an eye for spotted eagle rays in the blue as well as other pelagic species. At the end of our second day, we'll offer an optional visit to Coron's hot springs.

    Coron is a mecca for wreck divers. We begin to explore the Japanese ships wrecks from the Second World War, including the Okikawa Maru, a 160-meter long ship which was sunk by a direct hit on the bow area. We also dive the Olympia Maru, a massive 120-meter vessel, the East Tangat Gunboat, a shallow dive on this 140 meter long submarine hunter that is ideal for exploration. The two main boilers are a big attraction where hard coral growth is extensive, and plenty of scorpionfish swim about the decks.

    We continue to explore the Coron wrecks and we also explore the Akitsusima, one of Coron's most famous dives, a wreck of the seaplane tender, and Irako, a refrigeration ship for the Japanese Imperial Navy.

    Black Island Wreck, or Nanshin Maru, a small tanker which was converted to take fuels (like diesel, etc.) she is approximately 50 meters long sitting upright on a sandy bottom. We then dive Dimipac Island, offering relaxed diving, with sandy slopes on which you may meet turtles, dendritic jawfish, leaf scorpionfish, ribbon eel and who knows, maybe a dugong! The water around the island is relatively warm, with very little current, offering heavenly photo opportunities!

    We open our 6th day with two deep morning dives at Kyokuszan in Maricaban Bay off the island of Busuanga Island, Coron. Kyokuzan was an auxiliary supply ship of the Japanese Royal Navy sunken by a US carrier-based aircraft. She is approximately 140 meters long, with beautiful corals grown over car parts, tires and the body of the ship.

    Disembark the Azores to Puerto Galera Port.

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