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Antarctica Expedition - A Journey With A PurposePrevious Antarctica Expedition - A Journey With A Purpose

Antarctica Expedition - A Journey With A Purpose

AQ-flagAntarctica.14 days $13,095.00
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Join Marine Biologist Annette Bombosch, PhD, and special guests for a unique 14-day expedition focusing on the marine mammals that populate the southern pole of the globe. As the Antarctic summer comes to a close in March, migratory whale species like the humpback are very active, socializing and feeding in preparation for the long journey they have ahead. Resident whale species like the Minke and Orca are abundant, giving us a good chance of encountering southern right whales and some of the larger open sea species.

Leopard seals are also very busy in March, hunting naive penguin chicks as they mature, develop their waterproof feathers, and make their first journeys to the sea. We see all this action close-up from our Zodiacs, various onshore landings and from the deck and observation platform of our ship, the Island Sky. Photographers and videographers will have ample opportunities to capture sensational images, and those of us with scientific interests will be thrilled to work with the Citizen Science team, contributing data and images to a variety of active marine mammal research projects.

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