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Antarctica Cruise - Basecamp Adventure

AR-flagArgentina.17 days $9,050.00
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Beyond BA Latam
Antarctica triggers so many feelings that it’s difficult to process them all at once. The days before the expedition you feel excited and kind of worried, thinking if the weather conditions will be ok, if you will be feeling well, etc. Then, when the cruise starts, all those thoughts are left behind, and the power of the immensity surrounding you doesn´t let you think of anything else than to be “here and now”. On this basecamp adventure, we will navigate the Drake Passage and the Antarctic Peninsula on-board a modern vessel, which will be our “base camp” for all sorts of activities. The ship will stay for one or two nights at different strategic points, where we will be able to disembark and live different experiences: mountaineering, hiking, photography, camping, and kayaking. The zodiacs will lead us to places that the ship can’t access, and even those who are not keen on adventure will be able to enjoy, by taking advantage of these boats to explore the area. Trip highlights include: Tango Show Perito Moreno Glacier 12 days/11 nights cruise ship on-board the M/V Ortelius or the M/V Plancius Adventure activities in Antarctica, including the chance of staying at a Camp
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Beyond BA Latam
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Price$9,050.00 per person
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