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An Enchanted Week Through NepalPrevious An Enchanted Week Through Nepal

An Enchanted Week Through Nepal

NP-flagNepal.7 days $1,099.00
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Himalayan Planet Adventures

Nepal is the land of the magnificent Himalayas, the world's tallest mountains, who's snowcapped peaks break through the blue skies above. It is a land of ancient temples and mysterious cities who's origins have been lost in antiquity. There is no place on the planet that can compare to Nepal, and this particular tour will leave you mystified as you explore this utterly fascinating land. The journey takes you into the legendary Kathmandu Valley, and then over to the spectacular lakeside city of Pokhara. All the while, you will enjoy mountainscapes that are truly unique only to the Himalayas. You will be graced upon everything from the ancient palaces and temples that you will stumble upon throughout the narrow streets of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, to the awesome sunrises over the mountains and raging rivers that cut through deep gorges.

Nepal's secrets are only waiting for you to come and observe them. Join us on this tour to ensure you do not miss a single clue.

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Himalayan Planet Adventures
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