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The Pukka Travels team is a versatile family. We sail in Arctic waters, we catch, fillet & cook cod for lunch on a daily basis. We ride alongside whales (without getting too close of course) though, they often initiate regattas right next to us. They win. Did we mention that happens while we are still sailing a catamaran, driving busses and electric vehicles filled with explorers from all over the world… in the Arctic? We also try to be as eco-friendly as possible by offsetting our carbon footprint with Choose. We ski, snowboard, sauna, hike, bike, sail, serve Arctic beer & French champagne, make people smile, host local events, we help produce content for explorers, and want to ensure travelers, adventures, and locals respect the world we live in. Oh, and we drink coffee but that goes without saying. This is our family - come & explore with us.

Norwegian, English


4 x 4, Sailing, Skiing & Snowsports, Wildlife, Fishing, Kitesurfing, Hiking

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