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The most influential, well-traveled and greatest explorers in the world didn’t get there on their own. It is by sharing experiences and learning from each other that we get the most out of everything we do. 
We’re linking together what we’re best at to create a community of travelers, adventurers and operators to bring you both authentic content and unique trips—all while protecting the planet we love.
Be a Voyager, collect Karma and exchange it for future trips and the gear that keeps your adventures going.
Be part of the Outdoor Voyage community.
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How to Earn Karma

Get back what you put in—by simply doing what you love!

With our common goal in mind, we want you to know that any energy given is noticed, and even better, rewarded. By sharing your experiences with us, you’ll earn Karma that can be spent on what you want most: more trips and the gear to help you get out there. Have a recommendation for an incredible operator you traveled with? Earn Karma. Want to make sure future Voyagers have a great trip? Earn Karma. Have stunning photos from your last adventure? Earn Karma.
Win Karma and exchange it for real trips and gear.
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Share Your Story

We know that travel comes with stories to tell, and we’re sure you have plenty.

Have you felt that you have had some up your sleeve that you’ve wanted to get out into the world, but with no outlet to do so? We, through The Outdoor Journal, can make your voice heard. To keep inspiring our readers, we are always looking for new tales of adventure and the photos and videos that go along with them. We have a team of editors ready to work with you to tell your story the best way possible—and it’s one more way for you to increase your Karma!
Do you take great photos, produce videos, or have a blog?
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Authentic Content

Inspires authentic experiences

It has always been at our core to educate and inspire people to experience, enjoy and above all, protect the outdoors that lets us do what we love. Since 2013, The Outdoor Journal’s team of journalists, athletes, and adventurers have been committed to sharing their expertise and bring the world the most authentic, alternative and diverse content through our print magazine and online platform.
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Sustainable Travel

Protecting what we love. Partnering with businesses that care.

Our inherent desire for new experiences takes us all over the world. The only way to continue, for ourselves and anyone that follows, is by traveling sustainably. That’s why we only work with operators that are as committed to the planet and the people it touches as we are.
Can you recommend a responsible operator?
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