1. Safety

Since 2013 our international media platform and magazine, The Outdoor Journal, has reported on adventure news from around the world. Our editorial network of explorers, adventurers, journalists and other professionals, along with our links in countries around the world, helps us to continually discover the best outdoor activities and local service providers anywhere on the planet.

In the past, our readers kept asking us how they could go on the same adventures themselves, or find the best operators for regions we often reported on, and book with them. So we leveraged this existing network of contributors and sources, to build a list of the best local partners to provide services to anyone and everyone who wanted the same experiences.

Our partners are chosen for their commitment and adherence to authenticity, quality of experience, safety and environmental sustainability. After making an initial selection via our network of trusted sources such as specialized outdoor and adventure journalists, well-known athletes and other ambassadors; we run a rigorous checklist to verify whether the partners meet our standards or not. This includes checking their international certifications, company records, insurances and so on. We’re also working on using data science to confirm their safety records and history. We prefer working with smaller companies who themselves conduct or run the trips, instead of larger agents or aggregators that outsource on-ground operations.

2. Pre-Purchase

No. When you pay and book with The Outdoor Voyage, we take care of your entire booking within 24 hours. We process your complete credit card payment securely and safely in the USA upon checkout, confirm your trip with the adventure partner, and make the required payments to them to complete your booking. You don’t need to do anything more after making your payment on our platform. No additional payment will be required at any time after your booking is complete, other than services that are not included such as travel, or extras clearly mentioned on the trip page, or any local expenses that you wish to incur on your own. For more information, please read our complete terms of use and terms of sale

The prices you see on the trip pages are the most current, up-to-date total prices as provided to us by our adventure partners. If, before booking, you find a lower listed price for the same trip by the same provider anywhere else, let us know and we’ll ensure that you pay the same on our platform.

3. Post-Purchase

We’re here to listen to you! You can reach out to us by email or use our social networks. We’ll reply faster than a hungry cheetah.

You should receive an email confirmation with all that you need as soon as you’ve booked. Keep an eye out for any emails from outdoorvoyage.com and outdoorjournal.com, and add them to your safe list.

However, we do need a minimum of 24 hours, and up to 72 hours, for the adventure partner to confirm that they have accepted your booking.  Therefore, please wait for our final trip confirmation email with your dates, itinerary and anything else you might need, within this time period. Complete information on the trip booking process is available under our terms of use and terms of sale.  

4. Pre-Trip

No, it does not. Your booking is only for the itinerary listed on the trip page. You should arrange your own travel to and from the starting location at your convenience, and be free to visit other points of interest if you like. Once you do arrive at the starting location of the trip on the date that you’ve booked, our adventure partner will take over and provide you with the best experience you can have! For more information on the complete trip booking process, do read our complete terms of use and terms of sale.

You may or may not, depending on your passport country and/or residency. For the most accurate and detailed information on visas, always check the official website of the foreign affairs department of the country you are visiting. Our customer support staff is available to help, but will also be relying on the same source of information. Don’t rely on any other third-party online websites or services because, many times, the information is inaccurate.
For more information on our policies regarding travel documents, please read our complete terms of use and terms of sale.

5. Trip

The Outdoor Voyage’s adventure trips are all run commercially by high-quality small companies, local outfitters and guides, which means that they should be doable by most reasonably fit people. Our mission is to enable as many people as possible to experience and understand the need to preserve the outdoors. This means that the majority of the trips offered by this platform are accessible to a very wide range of people – including children and reasonably healthy people in their 50s and 60s. That said, some of our more extreme and exciting adventures may be better suited for younger and fitter adults. 

The Outdoor Voyage gauges difficulty on a 1-10 scale, while keeping in mind that trip difficulty is itself difficult to gauge and not an exact science – because it depends on an individual’s personal level of fitness and inclinations. While we work closely with operators to try and give our customers an approximate idea of how difficult a trip could be, it is eventually up to each person to know how much physical exertion they are able to do, with their doctor’s advice if needed!

In general, the easiest trip we offer would involve no more effort than getting to and from an airport to a boutique hotel or safari lodge, and spending some hours on a boat, plane or jeep. Think of a luxury safari holiday in Tanzania – that’s probably a “1” on our scale.

On the other end of the scale, a “9” or “10” could be a polar expedition run by a world-famous explorer, or an expedition to summit Everest with one of the best guiding companies on Earth. 

For complete transparency, here is our (highly unscientific) scale for trip difficulty:

0: You don’t even need a respiratory system to be able to participate in this trip.

1: Okay, you need a respiratory system, but not much else. Maybe legs. Maybeeee.

2: Definitely need legs. For this trip to explore Iceland’s Wild West.

3: Your evening strolls with Spot the dog have done more than enough to keep you fit for this trip. You’re ready to spend some time on glaciers in Greenland or take the family snorkeling with turtles in the Galapagos!

4: So you don’t work out every single day, but you’re still the racquetball king whenever you play with the boys. You can definitely go kayaking in the Amazon.

5: You bike to work at least 3 times a week & it’s about to pay off with this multisport holiday in Croatia!

6: You do a little something every day. And a little cardio AND a little flexibility training AND a little strengthening… Time to go whitewater rafting in the Himalayas.

7: You know more about the woman behind the desk of your local gym than you do about your own sister. You’re definitely ready to climb a volcano in Ecuador.

8: You stopped seeing your personal trainer because you realized you were teaching them more than they were teaching you. Challenge yourself on a 6000m peak in Nepal.

9: You follow Michael Phelps’ workout regime and think it’s a joke.

10: You’re an Amazonian demi-god from planet Krypton who got bit by a radioactive spider.

On a more serious note, do read our complete terms of use and terms of sale.

6. Post-Trip

We’re continuously working on our platform and will soon have a system to log in and create your own profile, save and recommend your trips! Once you create a profile, you’ll be able to keep your favorite trips saved, organized, reviewed and more. Spoiler alert: you’ll also be able to earn back for all your adventure travel and contribute to your favorite causes.