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Powder Highway Canada Ski Adventure

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    Canada has a special reputation amongst the skiing lovers. At first sight, an elusive, difficult and perhaps too distant country is one of the best ski destinations in the world. No wonder that it finds itself on many people's€™ wish list. Luckily, the above allegations are not true! Canada is very affordable, accessible, and suitable for all types of skiers. The Rocky Mountains in British Columbia are an ideal playground for all lovers of fresh snow.

    Home of Olympic and World Cup ski venues. Ski resorts that look small at first but have a drop of more than 1000m altitude. The endless possibilities of skiing off-piste, which unlike Europe, is regarded as an official part of the managed ski area!

    Powder Highway brings together the best destinations offered by BC: Calgary, Fernie, Panorama, Kicking Horse and anything in between. However, the thrill does not end after we'€™re done on the ski slopes. Canada is also known for other lifestyle qualities. Burgers in any way you can imagine, local craft beer, bacon & eggs for breakfast, amazing steaks, and fun on St. Patrick's Day!


    Landing in Calgary and a pleasant drive to our first stop - Fernie. We will move into our rooms, followed by an entertaining social evening and a taste of the classic Canadian cuisine.

    Introduction to the ski area and ski resort. Skiing in Fernie and first contact with the proper Canadian 'Powder'. Introductory ski tips and refinement techniques.

    Discovering lines outside the boundaries for those who wish to do so. Workshop: Basics of freeride skiing, basic safety guidelines for powdery snow and avalanche equipment presentation. Towards the evening departure to Panorama, 120miles drive away.

    Panorama used to be a traditional Ski World Cup venue. We start off by getting to know the terrain and prepare for the pleasures that await us: Heli-skiing.

    Guided by an experienced Canadian guide and suitable for all. Heli-skiing is a unique experience that you'll definitely remember. In the evening, we will arrive to Kicking Horse, settle in and go party for St. Patrick's Day.

    Kicking Horse Mountain Resort - varied choice of safe off-piste routes.

    Take a day off, go sightseeing or skiing - as desired. In the afternoon, we will drive to Calgary, hike along 17th Avenue and do a mandatory stop in a steakhouse. Overnight in a hotel in the city center.

    Shopping and shuttle to the airport.

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