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The Ecuadorian Amazon is one of the most diverse places on Earth. Located on the eastern side of the country, it is home to unique ecosystems where various endemic animals and plants have made their home in this humid forest. The upper Amazon basin is an area with easy access from major cities that connect the Amazonian town with local roads and are just hours away by car, bus or by plane.

The Lower basin is the deeper rain forest and it is only accessible via river travel or by air. Within the several hectares of protected areas, there are tribes that live in the rain forest with their own customs, culture, language, and traditions that have been passed on from past generations and lived in the Amazon for centuries.

Being in this remote location brings the opportunity to see first-hand the fauna which consists of more than 150 amphibians, 120 reptile species, 380 fish species, 70,000 insect species and 595 different birds.  The concentration of species is one of the highest in the world within only 62 hectares of Ecuadorian Rain forest.



Day 1: Transfer in to the Hotel in Quito

We will pick you up from the airport and drive you to the hotel. Accommodation: Hotel Casa Sol or similar. Meals: none


Day 2: From Quito to Lago Agrio

There are two direct ways of travelling from Quito to Lago Agrio, by plane or bus: If you travel by plane, you will arrive in Lago Agrio at 9:30 am. If you travel by bus, you must leave Quito a day in advance to reach Lago Agrio in time for the tour. Travelling by bus is 8 hours. Our adventure begins at 9:30 am. We travel by bus/truck to Tierras Orientales (2 hours), where we start our canoe journey down the Aguarico and continue along the Cuyabeno black water river, to our Lodge. (3 hours approx.). Arrival in Kichwa Camp. We have a short walk in the surrounding area and visit the bird watching tower. After dinner our naturalist bilingual guide gives us a captivating lecture.


Day 3: Nicky Amazon Lodge

We start early in the morning and we spend the whole day exploring. We navigate downstream to observe the enchanting salt lick (exposed clay bank) where colourful parrots and parakeets feed on the clay to draw the toxins out of their bodies. Return to the Lodge. After breakfast, we trek into primary rain forest with our Naturalist guide. Our native guide shares his wealth of knowledge, showing us the medicinal and practical uses of the rain forest flora and fauna that their ancestors have taught throughout generations and we learn how all life in the tropical rain forest co-exists in a fragile balance. After Lunch we navigate upstream Cuyabeno River to enjoy the beautiful nature and we try our luck to spot piranhas at in the black waters area, After 2 ½ hours we reach the new Nicky Amazon Lodge. After Dinner we go out on a venturous night walk to observe the different species of insects, frogs and snakes.


Day 4: Seoqueya Community

An early activity permits us to enjoy the nature with a good chance to watch some monkeys and birds. After breakfast we follow the “taricaya” that means turtle trail to visit the Seoqueya Community, where some local families of the Sionas Indigenous group live. A member of the family shows us how they prepare the yuca bread which is called “Cassave” and our guide explains local traditions and cultures from the past to the present. After, we navigate downstream to visit the shaman house where he teaches us the ancient healing traditions and his way of life using the mystic practice of natural medicine. Return to the lodge. After lunch, we always have time to relax and to enjoy the place. In the afternoon we go out with our motor canoe upstream to visit the Laguna Grande where we navigate in the amazing lake and admire the flooded forest by black water or Igapo, considered an ecosystem of the rain forest, dominated by the famous Macrolobium trees which are home to Epiphytes plants and birds, there is also time to swim in the lake while we admire the spectacular sunset in the rain forest. Before we return to the lodge, we venture downstream to search for Caimans (alligator family) and fishing bats.


Day 5: Cuyabeno Bridge and Back to Lago Agrio

The last early activity is a short canoe excursion to enjoy the sunrise over the jungle. This is a good opportunity for bird watching. After breakfast you have time to prepare your luggage for the trip back. We navigate upstream to reach the Cuyabeno Bridge. Box lunch. Our bus/pick up takes us back to Lago Agrio, arriving at approx. 14:30 either to catch the bus or the plane back to Quito.


Day 6: Transfer to the airport flight back home

We will pick you up from your hotel and transfer to the airport. End of service

Trip Dates This trip is available all year round
Arrival/Departure Location Quito, Ecuador
Included Round trip transport to Lago Agrio (by car & motor canoe)

Ministry of Tourism Licensed bilingual naturalist guides trained in biology and Eco-Tourism

Comfortable accommodation at Nicky Amazon Lodge, double, triple & familiar rooms with private bathroom

Single accommodation provided with a charge of 75% extra 

High quality camping equipment, tents & bedding for long excursions

Personal equipment: rubber boots and life jackets

Three nutritious meals daily, including purified bottled water, soft drinks such us tea, coffee & hot chocolate available all day, snacks for the activities

Catering for vegetarians and passengers with dietary restrictions

Not Included Don’t forget to bring your own rain poncho!
Round-trip transportation between Quito and Lago Agrio
Additional beverages
Extra meals in Lago Agrio before and after trip
Extra $3,50 to be paid to the Siona family visited.
$3,50 Bird watching tower

Necessary Equipment

The weather in the Amazon is about the same all year long with small variations but the average temperature is of 28C (82F). For the jungle adventure, it is best to wear long-sleeve cotton shirts and long pants to avoid mosquito bites.

Sunglasses, rubber boots, insect repellent, sunscreen protection is also advised.

Please note: The operator reserves the right to change the itinerary without previous notice due to weather, National Park regulations or notifications and unforeseeable circumstances.

Prices are subject to changes due to local tax updates.

National flights: Airline baggage allowance is 23 kg per person.

Hotels, trains and other services are quoted without reservations. They are subject to change without previous notice unless booked.

Please, keep in mind that the law of Ecuador request you to have private insurance coverage before you enter the country.


Ecuador Galapagos Travel is a supporting member of Fundación Amazonía Productiva (FAP)


 Ecuador Galapagos Travel is a supporting member of The International Ecotourism Society.

About Ecuador Galapagos Travel

When visiting Ecuador, you will too be inspired by the amazing scenery and the fascinating cultures. Take your time to discover the wonders of the animal and plant world. Emerge on the Galapagos archipelago; immerse your self in extraordinary and ancient cultures that have survived through the centuries whilst travelling through the Amazon basin and the Andean highlands; enjoy trekking through pristine national parks and horse back riding in the shadow of glaciated mountain peaks; or find new friends during a Spanish language course in Quito. Ecuador offers more than you can imagine!

Ecuador Galapagos Travel is a specialist in customised trips that will make sure that your expectations will be fulfilled. From the Amazon rain forests to the Andes, National Parks and the Galapagos Islands, hotels to jungle adventures, Andean summits to palm fringed beaches, they will help you find and choose your perfect holiday destination and provide you with exceptional services. Welcome to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands!

Why TOV loves Ecuador Galapagos  Travel

Minimising the environmental impact by Carbon Offset: They offset all the carbon dioxide emissions produced by their company daily work and furthermore provide all travellers with the possibility to carbon neutral their trip with local reforestation projects.

Travel is one of the polluters and generators of carbon dioxide and airplane travel in particular is a principle contributor of greenhouse gases. Ecuador Galapagos Travel wishes to offset the results of pollution produced during these travels by supporting extensive reforestation. These reforestation projects in Ecuador ‘sequester’ or remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Reforestation projects capture CO2 and store it in the trees’ mass and in the soil and thus play a vital role in absorbing emissions. This activity, over time, will help remove carbon dioxide from the air, and thus contribute to the cleaning of our atmosphere.

Generate benefits for local people: By employing local people throughout the whole process from staff members of the agency, drivers and guides to local hotel and lodge employees they make sure that travelling with Ecuador Galapagos Travel generates economic benefits for local people and enhances the well being of host communities. We improve working conditions and make positive contributions to the cultural heritage embracing diversity e.g. by supporting and promoting projects like Qhapaq Ñan and encouraging respect and understanding between tourists and local people.

Respecting and benefiting local people and the environment during the travel allows the traveller to win deeper insights in the culture and nature and sometimes even friends on the other side of the globe. Still, sometimes your own effort applying the rules of responsible tourism is just not enough. That’s why they decided to do even more and support ecological and social projects all over the country, thus helping to ensure that not only you can enjoy the wonderful nature and fantastic cultures of Ecuador, but your grandchildren will too.

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